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Promenade parisienne

Promenade parisienne

Le Husband, hard at work on a cold day… On Sunday afternoons, Parisians indulge in the French art of la promenade. Popular spots include gardens such as les Tuileries or le Luxembourg, the elegant boulevards around le Palais Garnier (Opera house), and les Champs-Elysées. Why mess with a good thing? Le Husband and I decided to stay…

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  1. Loved your post today, I was right there at Le Grand Colbert with you two, sigh, wonderful restaurant. Le boudin aux pommes – apple pudding? If so, it sounds delicious. Your winter day walking around Paris brought back such fond memories. We must explore Palais Royal on our next trip to Paris. A bientot – Cherie

  2. Hmmmm sausage with apples? I loved that movie btw and when you get back we will have to play Scene It en française to see who can beat whom in I know that actor/movie/line!! I hold the title in my house!! 😉 Love the blog!!

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