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16 Responses to A European summer: Ten Favorite moments. (Europe ’11 – #7)

  1. OH V WHAT A TERRIFIC WRAP UP… such a vacation … such fond LOVING happy memories! i have truly enjoyed the entire jouney and send all three of you a WARM HAPPY WELCOME BACK!!-i hope the rest of the summer proves to be as wonderful….and may summer soon find you up there.

  2. What an amazing vacation! It’s fantastic that your son switched his French on so effortlessly. I’m sure it’s a trip he’ll have fond memories of for years to come 🙂

  3. Great post – I almost felt like I enjoyed the trip with you all! Glad it was everything you hoped that it would be and more.
    And as for 63F and rain in Seattle. It’s abut the same here in Scotland. But that’s why both places look green, lush and beautiful, right?
    Welcome home.

  4. Excellent!!! kisses from paris…under water!!!!hopefully, we will go to spain in august to get sun!!! bisous

  5. — Sara Louise: Yes, Junior enjoyed this trip a lot, and I know he will look back at it fondly! Mission accomplished for this mom 😉
    — Craig: Merci for stopping by. Too bad the weather sucks in Scotland. You do get some summer weather usually though (well, at least one week) ? Hope it arrives soon.
    — Georges: Too bad the weather has switched in France. I saw they had snow in the Alps yesterday. Brrrrrr…

  6. Your trip was the same kind of trip I take with my son when we go to Europe. It is nice to go back home once in a while even though France has changed a lot to my eyes. When we land at Charles de Gaulle, we don’t even bother with Paris and go directly to the countryside. I am glad your whole family had a wonderful time.

  7. A great overview of your most wonderful adventure in Europe! I have so vigariously enjoyed your travels and excellent photos. You gave Junior such unforgettable memories. Marita and I have changed our plans slightly and are going to Sarlat instead of Dinard. I’ll be in touch before we go.

  8. — Nadege: We are lucky we can go back every year. We can’t really skip Paris because most of our family lives there, but in the summer, my parents live in Spain, so we have the perfect excuse to “explore” on the way down 😉
    — Agnes: Merci Agnes. Ravie que notre beau voyage t’aie plu.
    — Cherie: Merci for following our adventures and leaving comments along the way. Sarlat instead of Dinard, eh? I think you will both love the Perigord Noir in the fall.

  9. Ma chère Véronique,

    What a story; loved this and your son is one you can be proud of. Without saying anything, he DID absorb everything and kids learn so easily. He’s smart for doing so as each language is another window to the world! Over my lifetime I’ve tried to manage but seven languages… Still reading French is no problem but the years since High School are many! Adding Italian, Spanish and later even Bahasa Indonesia besides the Dutch; German; English and French I learned as a young girl.
    I’m your newest follower now, this was a fun visit.

    Lots of love,


  10. Merci Mariette. So glad you stopped by. I can’t believe you live in Georgia. The South-East will always have a special place in my heart. I was an exchange student in Atlanta in the mid-80s and was “adopted” by a family there. Next time I visit, I will make sure to stop by and see you. V.

  11. Now I know what you meant when you said you liked the photos of the dog in my post 🙂 It looks like you had a fantastic trip. To process all of that, you would need no less than six months 🙂

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