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Seattle’s little Paris

Seattle’s little Paris

This story was originally published in 2011 under the title “A trip to the city is always a good idea.” It has been updated.  La Côte Crêperie, Seattle Customer drawing This week, I took advantage of a beautiful fall day and drove over to Seattle’s Little Paris. My trip was inspired by a short article I…

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  1. i love the new profile picture….you look adorable and i really enjoyed this litlle excursion you took us on….the pastries look devine and my mouth is watering!! as usual a thoroughly enjoyable post. Have a nice week!

  2. Salud Véronique! What a beautiful town you got to visit! It looks absolutely charming. And the photos of the bakery have me so hungry now.

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. Les photos “Chez Ines” me font penser au film avec Meryl Streep et Alec Baldwin, où elle tient ce genre de magasin! Et je trouve cocasse qu’on trouve plus de choses “parisiennes” à Seattle qu’en France! Du moins ici, pas moyen de trouver un calendrier avec une carte ancienne de tour Eiffel!
    Et une française de plus qui porte un beret à l’etranger! -Ü- ceci dit, tu le portes tres bien!

  4. fantastic post… my mouth is watering from all of the photos… i love norah and all of her goodness… i just wish i would have met you along the way…
    next time you are in the neighborhood… stop by red ticking… xx pam

  5. — g — Merci mon amie. You can take my word on this: these pastries were GOOD! 😉
    — Amber Mouthwash — Welcome chez French Girl. Thank you for your comment. Come back soon!
    — Deebee Lee, Olga, Bonnie, Katelyn and Ivana — Thank you for stopping by and thank you for leaving a message. Glad you enjoyed this week’s tour of Seattle’s Little Paris.
    — Malyss — Je t’ai répondu sur ton blog ce matin. Désolée pour la pluie. Elle ne sera certainement que passagère…
    — Pam — Welcome chez French Girl. I will definitely stop by Red Ticking next time I visit Madison Valley. I bet I could find a few French-themed objects there too 😉
    — Catherine — Great to hear from you again. Sorry about the rain. You know it won’t last! Nice is NOT Seattle 😉

  6. It’s official. I definitely have to visit Seattle!! Those houses are beautiful. It is so refreshing to see homes that are architecturally stunning and made out of real materials, rather than the cardboard McMansions we have in the suburbs of Kansas City.

    And all that food looks heavenly!!

    PS. I’m so thrilled you connected with Amber. I was hoping you would. I knew she would fall in love with your blog as much as I have!

  7. Oh I”ve loved Seattle since I started blogging with Kim and Chuck. Now I add you to the list. I’m glad you’ve found some France all around you. 🙂
    We must have it n’est-ce pas???

    And what a lovely portrait with your new beret!

  8. Your new profile photo is perfect with your pert beret and warm smile! I really must get back to Seattle, for its art, its vistas, its food, and bien sûr… its neighborhoods.

    Love this little tour of Seattle’s Paris!


  9. Hi, French Girl! I’ve been seeing your comments on Genie-Paris and Beyond’s blog and decided to visit. Glad I did… Loved this particular post, for it shows Luc, a wonderful restaurant where I’ve been twice and long to return…had the same thing twice, it was so good: l’onglet…
    Si cela vous dit, venez chez moi ou vous verrez actuellement des photos de Seattle. Ma fille y habite. Photos de Belgrade de nouveau a partir du 1er novembre!

  10. Hello from a local Seattle girl, I’m so happy to have discovered your blog! This is a wonderful tribute to a very special area. I worked in Madison Park/Valley for years while living near by in Leschi, it was magical, truly a unique and beautiful part of town!
    I’m all nostalgic now…
    xo J~

  11. I used to love going down to Madison Valley for its quirky little shops and restaurants. So happy to see that’s it has kept a unique spirit amongst the Gaps and Starbucks of the Seattle landscape.
    Merci for sharing, Véronique! I love your new beret. 🙂

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