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50 Responses to Saying goodbye is never easy

  1. No, Hershey’s does not compare to the boulanger chocolate! Our family ate plenty of the good stuff on your behalf – apparently two year olds DO like dark chocolate 😉 Your boat looks gorgeous – hope you have as much fun on the new one.

    • Merci Nicola! I am glad you and your family got to enjoy the delicious chocolate even though we didn’t. It’s not just the taste… it’s also the way it looks and the adorable things French chocolatiers create for Easter– the attention to detail. Definitely a VERY good trait in French people. 😉

  2. I was so pleased to see that you had a new post! You have had so much fun on Mistral – even a barbecue – that did look tricky! Lovely photos especially the sunsets. I look forward to seeing your new boat and reading about your adventures! Glad you have sun – we have had constant rain!!
    A bientôt.

  3. I’m sure holidays are difficult when your extended family is far away, but it looks like you spent some beautiful days on the water among close family and friends! I can see why you will miss Mistral, but hopefully you will create some wonderful new memories out on the water soon!

  4. She sure is a beauty…i hope her next home ENJOYS her as much as you guys did….cannot wait to hear about the new mistress once she is ready…hope all is well and it was good to hear from you!!

  5. Un bateau n’est pas , n’est jamais, un simple moyen de transport. Même le plus vieux des rafiots, le plus usé, reste avant tout un compagnon d’aventure. C’est un de ces objets auxquels on peut attribuer une âme.Du moment où il s’elance de sa cale et rebondit sur ses premières vagues comme un jeune cabri, jusqu’à celui où il s’echoue definitivement comme un vieux pachyderme fatigué, il vit , il respire, il partage; C’est pourquoi, effectivement, dire au revoir à un bateau n’est jamais facile; resteront pour toi les souvenirs et les images, que lui restera-t-il à lui?…

  6. Bonjour Malyss. J’aurais bien aimé écrire une “ode à Mistral” mais tu t’en es chargée pour moi. Merci et bravo. Elle complète très bien cet hommage en photos. Mistral a encore de belles années devant lui (23 ans ce n’est pas si vieux pour un voilier…) C’est un modèle recherché aux Etats-Unis et nous espérons que ses nouveaux propriétaires l’apprécieront autant que nous! Les bateaux sont comme les chiens, je crois… toujours prêts pour de nouvelles aventures, même si c’est avec un nouveau “maître.” Bonne fin de semaine à Nice!

  7. Does your son realize he’s the luckiest kid in the world?!? He has such awesome parents who take him boating for the weekend!! 😀 It sounds like a really, really fun experience. Growing up, I rarely got to be on a boat (my dad is terrified of water). So I’m a tad envious right now. 😉

    • Bonjour Jenny. Yes, he is lucky, and yes, he knows it (we remind him often to make sure he remembers! 😉 He has turned into quite the little sailor and hopes to start racing with his Dad this year. Fortunately, he is adventuresome and always ready to “cast off!” If you lived in Seattle, you would probably get to boat too, either on your own boat or on your friends’ boat. What a shame it would be to live here and put up with 9 months of rain/grey skies if you can’t get out there and enjoy the water! A bientot Jenny!

  8. Dearest Véronique,

    Oh, one can get attached to such a loyal travel companion! You have at least some great memories of wonderful trips.
    About Easter, yes you are so right… it always will be very different. But you made the best of it with your family.
    Have a great mid-week.


  9. Whoa! what an adventurous family and so lucky to own Mistral ~ I can’t say that I am a boat lover…I would rather say on the beach watching the ocean…but your little boy is so lucky
    Home baked Hot cross buns here for Easter and Chocolate eggs hunt after the passage of the bunny …
    En tout cas de belles photos qui font rever xo

    • Funny, I can never stay on a beach for long. I prefer cruising and hit a different beach every night. Even though… I hear that beaches are quite amazing in your corner of the world, Malou. Thank you for stopping by!

  10. I’m particularly amused by the chocolate frogs… Our home is awash in chocolate, although I miss the peanutbutter/chocolate combo. I can’t wait to hear about your new boat!

  11. Such a bittersweet post… You have had such happy times on Mistral… but the memories are there… I wish your beautiful boat a successful journey and I hope her new home is as wonderful… Enjoy the weekend Véronique… xv

    • Bonjour Vicki. Happy to hear from you. Great memories indeed. Boating has been such an important (and fun!) part of Northwest living for us. Looking forward to more cruising on the new “floating home…” Bon weekend a toi aussi!

  12. For a second, I thought you were leaving. Phew! Looks like a very nice bateau and lots of history on it! Great photos. I can’t imagine a better boat! But, I can’t wait for pictures of the nouveau. Always fun to visit your post!! =)Bon weekend et Happy Friday the 13th. n’ayez pas peur.;)

  13. Sailboats were a daily part of my life at one time and I do long for the feel of the sails going up, the sound of the clanking and the wench being hauled in, and the silence when she is happy with full sails on a beam reach… Le sigh

    People who own sailboats are always thinking about their next one… I can’t wait to see!

    So glad that the emerald city smiled on you for your goodbyes!


    I totally agree with you about the chocolate!!

  14. What great pictures; looks like so much fun being out on the water around Seattle. I would be sorely tempted to get a sail boat if we lived within 1/2 hour of safe waters for sailing. I would be too afraid of going out on the Pacific Ocean. And I definitely agree about the chocolate; what a let down to have to choose between hershey and other mediocre chocolates.

  15. Hi, I just found your blog and what a lovely boat, I know you will miss her. We sold our sailboat a few years ago and purchased a cabin cruiser, big mistake. We have missed our “Wazapan” and never really got attached to the new boat . . . which we are about to sell, because we just don’t take it out. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your new dream boat. Your newest follower, Connie :). Come on over to my blog for a visit, my welcome mat is always out.

  16. Hi, My wife told me about your blog and said that I should look at it. Sailing is a thing that grabs your heart and never lets go. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your new boat and what you do to make it perfect for your family. An old sailor and a new follower, Steve
    Check out the yacht tender that I built. Photos on my blog.

  17. I did not know Zaz and enjoyed listening to all your audios – she is something. I see you have had technical problems with blogger. Yesterday I published a post at 2:45 pm and I think it did not show in Reader until 2:41 am this morning. I have no idea why. Your boat Mistral looks great. I have never been on a sailing boat, just the big liners or cruising ships, but I’d like to try some day. Your pictures are very inviting. Je crois que nous allons passer quelques jours à Nice cet automne, alors je retournerai regarder les posts sur la côte d’azur.

  18. I can’t imagine what it’s like living on a boat, even for a little while. Just recently, I was speaking to a friend of mine who has sold his boat. He told me that the person who misses it the most is his youngest daughter. At least you had some good times on your boat.

    • Dear Olga. Boats and children seem to have a special connection. My son loves spending time onboard and is very good at entertaining himself during our summer travels. We had great times on Mistral indeed, and will have many more on the new “weekend home…” A bientôt!

  19. Your boat is just beautiful and it must be hard saying good-bye to it. I shall look forward to reading of the new boat.

    We owned a cabin cruiser for many years and I took the power squadron courses which were very interesting. I loved entertaining on board, as one did not have to fuss and food tasted good regardless.

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen xx

    • Bonjour Helen. Good for you! So many people invest in power boats and never bother taking a proper navigation course first! July 4 on Lake Union in downtown Seattle can be a terrifying experience: Lots of so-so “drivers” and most are drunk! Yikes!

  20. HI Veronique, what a post, so many great photos. I know what you mean about being an expat on family days such as Easter. Makes you feel a long way away.. Keep up the good work. Carla

  21. Hi Veronique, I’m really happy I stumbled upon your beautiful blog and you newest post makes me really excited to go to France one day. I really like your photography. I have a facebook page where I try to encourage people to stay off their phones while in the company of their friends. I am about to make a new post explaining the phone stack game and your photograph of the stack of phones would be great to include. Would you mind if I uploaded it on my page? I will definitely credit you and provide a link to your blog. Please let me know. Thank you 🙂

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