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21 Responses to In Nice, with Malyss… Summer 2012 Travelogue (5)

  1. Tis the only way to see a place properly I think: to be shown by a local. How marvelous that you not only got to catch up and explore, in fabulous detail, this bustling beautiful city, but also made a friend into the bargain.

  2. Coucou Seattle !
    De retour en France pour les vacances ?
    Je voudrais tant voir ces facades jaunes, j’adore !!!
    Ces photos sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres, ah Nice…je voudrais bien connaitre, mais c’est helas trop loin de chez mes parents.

  3. Que du plaisir que de vous lire aujourd’hui ma chère amie… et de revoir un peu la ville de Nice que j’affectionne et qui me reçoit régulièrement pour mes contrôles médicaux! (moins drôle!)…
    Tes photos sont merveilleuses et tu as bien fait de faire chauffer ton Lumix!

    Gros bisous à toi…

  4. Veronique,
    How wonderful, incredible, glorious, perfect! That’s my American enthusiasm at your post today. I love the photos of you. You look so relaxed and happy and I am more than a bit intrigued at your dreams and an old house to put some elbow grease into as you live on your sailboat in the harbor.
    And please tell me more about the crunchy socca. I have to make it.
    I like knowing you’re just right over to the east of me under the same warm sun of your beautiful country.

  5. Si mes ami(e)s sont heureux, je le suis aussi !
    je pense qu’apres un tel post, la population de Nice va tripler !!:o)
    A tout à l’heure pour la suite!

  6. Ha I knew we would have things in common Veronique, I also use a compact Panasonic Lumix the FZ100 I love it for it’s versatility and it is so lightweight and easy to carry in my bag. J’adore your account of your fabulous trip to Nice, what a marvelous time you had with Malyss, this does not surprise me at all, a beautiful city and a wonderful friend and guide, what could be more perfect. The sea looks as blue and beautiful there as it does here, and maybe even better if it has no sharks haha!

  7. I’m reliving our times spent in Nice and surrounding hill towns as you share each new photo. Glad you are having a splendid vacation. Thanks for taking us along.

  8. Oh my goodness! I am now throughly in love with Nice through your pics, and Malyss’ of course! That building with those splendid turquoise shutters. Wow. And the food! The wine. And… sailing school?! Oh the joy! MUST get there! MUST! Fabulous post as always, Veronique. 🙂 I wish you continued safe and spectacular travels.


  9. You have transported me across the Ocean to Nice sitting at the table with you and Malyss. I almost became part of the conversation I was so engrossed in this scene! You have a very natural ability to tell the story and support it with beautiful photos. How perfect that you were in several of them. Through your travelogue Nice may experience a huge jump in tourism!

    Enjoy and keep ’em coming!


  10. Oh how much fun. Two of my favorite bloggers have a meet-up! I hope you hugged Malyss for me too. What fun you had. I hear you might see Jilly as well! My oh my, your trip to France is a blast!

  11. Nous revenons de Memphis, TN, et je passe mon temps à lire tous les posts – les tiens me rendent mélancolique car j’allais en France 2 fois par an quand ma mère était encore vivante. Maintenant je n’ai plus de famille ou d’amis à Paris alors ce n’est plus pareil – je suis presque comme une touriste quand j’y vais. Nous avons 2 billets gratuits à cause de nos fréquent flyers miles alors au lieu d’aller à Paris nous irons à Nice en automne, avant de faire une croisière sur la mer Noire. Je prend note de tous les endroits intéressants que tu nous montres. Bonne continuation!

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