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“You like me, you really like me!” (*)

“You like me, you really like me!” (*)

Katharine Hepburn’s four Academy Awards(National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC)( For the last three weeks, I have been reviewing French movies for the Seattle International Film Festival: Thank you for following this budding movie critic and for encouraging me along the way.  I was ready to move on and start writing about another fun topic, namely…

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  1. Veronique,

    This was such a GREAT READ and I almost felt as I was walking down the red carpet with all these famous beauties! How clever of you to include your new passion and skill of movie critic in your Liebster Award acceptance post!

    I LOVE EZE! When I lived in Nice, I went to Eze regularly on the bus. A month later when my husband came to visit me, I took him there immediately AND St. Paul de Vence all in the same day. La Chevre d’or is a wonderful place and the food is TDF. I met a charming marchand of about 80 in one of the shops that after about 30 minutes of conversation with me, he went to the back of his storeroom, came out with a beautiful tapestry, GAVE it to me and when I asked him, “Monsieur, pourquoi me faites-vous ce cadeau?” He looked at me and said, “Parce que vous Madame, vous êtes adorable.” Holy cow did I love that moment.

    CONGRATULATIONS CHÈRE AMIE! You are a joy to know and follow. Anita

    • Merci beaucoup Anita.

      How wonderful that you are an Eze fan too! I can’t believe you saw Eza and St Paul de Vence in one day! You do cover a lot of ground! 🙂

      Loved hearing the story about the shopkeeper too. When i look at the photos of you on your blog, I can see why he would have had this chivalrous gesture 🙂

  2. Cher Veronique. Thank you for playing along and answering all the questions. Of course, you did it with your usual creativity and wonderful style. A most interesting post. Bon weekend.

    • Bonjour Jeannine. Merci beaucoup. Oui. I do love Helen Mirren. She is the closest thing to a queen in the movie industry today. I so wish I could catch her on stage this month while she impersonates Queen Elizabeth once again. Unfortunately, I will be late by a few days. C’est dommage…

  3. A wonderful blog post – it was fun learning a bit more about you. One of these days we two bloggers in Seattle’s suburbs really should meet. . .like at Kirkland’s French Bakery. . .somehow that seems appropriate~

  4. Congratulations on the award…it was wonderful chance to get to know you a bit better. I love the photos, especially the one of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly…all classics!

    And, thank you SO much for passing it along to me and mentioning my blog!!

  5. Ah, j’adore ce billet Veronique! ET je suis SI contente d’avoir vu tes commentaires! Je te remercie de tous tes mots d’amitié au sujet de ma maison, mes photos et moi! Je suis un cours de poèsie et je m’en occuperai depuis tout l’été. Je te souhaite un bon voyage en Europe! BISOUS BISOUS, Anita

  6. Dear Veronique,
    Thank you for a beautiful and very moving post Congratulation, you DO deserve to be honored like this!
    I can see we both love many of these women with so much style and grace!

    Art by Karena

  7. Congratulations! What fun to read more about you and to see this amazing collection of leading ladies. Beautiful!
    Enjoy your summer, French Girl! ~ Sarah

  8. Oooooo! This is a fabulous post, Veronique! I love everything about it. Of course, you deserve the Liebster Award, and i love love hearing all these fun things about you! Maybe you’ll live in Nice someday and run the Hotel Negresco? Wouldn’t that be perfect for you? 🙂

    And that is a wonderful quote from Coco Chanel. She was one of a kind, courageous and classy for sure!

    • My dear Mary. If I ever get to move to Nice and run the Negresco hotel, I will be, indeed, a very lucky girl. It might be difficult to fill Madame Augier’s shoes, however. And I do not know that after all these years, she is even ready to retire… As for Coco, well, it is too late to meet her. But I would have liked that. Thank you for stopping by!

  9. So fun to learn more about you. Love love love the photos with the post. So perfect for a movie lover like you. So….what is your favorite movie???? Favorite movie star?

    • Bonjour Connie. I am glad you enjoyed the glamorous shots of my “favorite ladies.” Favorite movie ever? Tough one, but I’d have to go with “Gone with the Wind.” Favorite movie star? Even harder. I can’t decide. Most of the ladies featured above in the post I guess 🙂

  10. Thanks for the award! I’m glad to know that my photos cheered you up during your grey winters. =) That was fun to see today. It was also interesting to learn more about you. So ‘Nice’ huh…you’re still on the hook! Good to know! xx

  11. Veronique,

    Congratulations on your awards, they are well deserved.

    I think perhaps after your success as a film critic that we will see more writing in your future. With your knowledge of France I would think your travel article would be very popular!

    I have been away for a few days and have enjoyed catching up here. I will be watching two of the movies this week.

    Have a wonderful night, Elizabeth

  12. congratulations on the award which is richly deserved and thanks for telling us so much in this post – have enjoyed your film reviews and like you love films too – Greetings from Nice

  13. Congratulations on another very well-deserved award. I remember how delighted I was when you passed on the Liebster Award to me. I enjoyed your answers and smiled as you explained why you are a lousy French woman and why you are a real French woman! Including these wonderful leading ladies was a great idea too. By the way,
    I’ve mentioned you in my next post ….. my recent weekend in Paris!

    • Thank you miss b. I have just popped by to see what you had prepared for us, and just LOVED your Paris post! This definitely puts me in the right mood for my upcoming trip! 🙂 You were kind enough to mention French Girl in Seattle AND the iconic 2CV in the same sentence. I am flattered, truly 🙂 Glad you stopped by today. Will be there to read about your Paris weekend, Part 2, bien sûr.

  14. Bonjour Veronique and congratulations to your award! It was fun to find out more about you. Loved all the leading ladies, especially Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, and yes, I too also enjoy many of the wonderful quotes Coco Chanel shared.

    Happy week

  15. Congratulations, dear Veronique! Very well deserved! :)))
    I loved learning more about you….La Belle Epoque pour moi aussi!
    We share a love for films…..and indeed, you are very creative in incorporating these wonderful actresses receiving their awards into this terrific post.
    I’m off to catch up on your newest one….
    Brava! 🙂
    – Irina

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