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15 Responses to Learning Italian with Rick Steves…

  1. Ciao et Bonjour, chere Veronique! What a marvelous post, and what a wonderful workshop! (I wish I could attend one of YOURS!) But then again, you are very generous to share so many tidbits of French culture on your blog, thank you so much for that…
    And thank you for sharing some of Graziella’s insights and advice! You know, traveling and languages…this was my first passion very early on…I was a little girl, and fascinated, specifically with European culture and language. And what a treat to have Rick Steve’s travel office near you!
    I hope lunch was splendid at “Chanterelle” (my fave champignon!)… 😉
    Right now I am reading Harriet Welty Rochefort’s newest book, “Joie de Vivre”… the theme never gets old… 🙂
    Enjoy your week!!
    – Irina

    • Ciao Cara Veronique! Come state oggi? (About all I rember from my college Italian..hee)
      You know, Harriet’s book is mostly a personal account, but she does delve into some topics a bit deeper than some of the other “light” books I have read. The focus is mostly on Paris, but being a Francophile, I tend to devour this genre… 🙂
      Her first book was “French Toast”…have you read that one? Is there a livre or two that you would recommend? Merci! 🙂

  2. Coucou! Wonderful reportage as always. Your enthusiasm comes through in every word you write. Hope we get to see each other one your next visit to the ‘sud.’ Bises Jilly xxx

    • Bonjour Sandy. I don’t know if you could keep busy there for an entire weekend (even though I suppose you could spend half of it watching Rick’s excellent travel videos.) The Travel Festival is a lot of fun. They sell out most presentations every time they run it.

    • It was a fun day indeed… and I learned a lot, which is always a plus. Then again, I have always loved being a student 🙂 I have a brand-new appreciation for my students go through as I lead them through the complexities of the French language, that is for sure!

  3. This travel shop is very tempting.
    Je suis plus sceptique sur le cours italien, qui me semble véhiculer beaucoup de clichés.
    Très peu de décos d’Haolloween de ce côté-ci du monde. Alors si tu manques d’inspi, tu peux nous faire un reportage sur la question! :o)
    Bisous et bonne semaine!

    • Bonjour Marie. Bien sûr qu’il y a des clichés, mais la plupart sont basés sur un petit fond de vérité quand même 🙂 J’ai pour ma part remarqué beaucoup de similitudes entre la France et l’Italie, ce qui n’était pas complètement une surprise… Je ne parle ici que de certains points couverts par Graziella pendant sa présentation (ceux qui m’ont paru le plus amusants…) mais elle avait une bonne compréhension des différences culturelles entre son pays d’origine et les USA. C’est un avantage réel qui permet d’anticiper les éventuelles “incompréhensions culturelles,” dès l’atterrisage en Europe…

  4. I should perhaps have tried something similar. When I’m with my family, my son in law is good in Italian and you don’t have to worry, but sometimes I’m also alone… Well, I think it’s really easy to get along with Italians, even if you are not really mastering their language. To be able to understand a menu and winelist is of course a must.

    • Bonjour Peter. You might have learned a thing or two about the language, as I did, even if you already speak three (or is four?) languages fluently… You’re right, les Italiens are pretty laid back. Maybe that is why their country is so popular?

  5. Dearest Véronique,
    I did manage to read this before but was too tired to comment. Still recovering from major surgery. A complex Adnexal tumor got removed etc. etc. Non cancer as it turned out which was good news. Now the healing, slowly one day at a time. Can’t wear that Coco Chanel belt yet… My tummy is not yet taut.
    Hugs to you,

    • Dearest Mariette. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad your surgery went well. Don’t worry about the Chanel belt. It will be there, waiting for you when you are ready to wear it 🙂 Hugs to you and wishes for a prompt recovery!

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