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Meet Stromae, the new Maestro of Europe’s music scene…

Meet Stromae, the new Maestro of Europe’s music scene…

    The smile. The voice. The long, lean, androgynous body. The elegant look. The smart, if mournful lyrics, both poetic and realistic, a sharp contrast to the catchy tunes, a blend of rap, hip hop, electronic music and Latin rhythms.     Meet Stromae the 28-year Belgian-born artist who is taking Europe (and French Canada) by…

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  1. J’utilise mon joker et je passe mon tour.Je resterai juste sur Brel.
    Bonne chance pour mardi! je penserai à toi.
    Côte toujours sous le ciel noir, mais nous on en a vraiment besoin et on apprécie! :o)

    • Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais je me doutais que Stromae n’était pas trop ton style, Marie 🙂 Bon, mais comme je t’ai proposé aussi le grand Jacques, tu as finalement trouvé chaussure à ton pied. Merci pour les encouragements. Le moral est bon. Bisous.

  2. Bonjour ma chère amie,

    J’ai beaucoup aimé ta publication qui met à l’honneur cet artiste grandissant… Des mélodies et des textes merveilleux.
    Je te fais de gros bisous et te souhaite une bonne fin de weekend.

    • Bonjour à toi Martine. Comment va Leo le Toucan? Je viendrai faire un tour sur ton site cette semaine pour admirer une de tes dernières créations. Elles sont toujours si colorées, et on a bien besoin de couleur en ce moment, à Seattle. Je suis ravie que tu apprécies toi aussi notre jeune ami.

  3. Bonjour Véro! Alors, je sais exactement ce que je vais montrer à mes étudiants demain au lycée. On est en train d’écrire de la poèsie afin de partager sur scène, à la SLAM POÈSIE. Je crois que ce jeune homme est un bon example! WOW! Merci ma belle d’être venue me lire; je suis sûre que tu vas réussir à l’examen! La ponctuation anglaise n’est pas facile, ni la ponctuation française! BON COURAGE et tiens-moi au courant!

    BISOUS! Anita

    • Slam poésie. Excellent. Tes élèves ont bien de la chance, Anita. Moi, cruelle, je leur aurais fait écouter du Charles Trénet 🙂 Merci de tes encouragements. Je ne m’inquiète pas trop pour la section anglaise, mais un peu quand même pour les math. Ma dernière leçon remonte à 35 ans au moins! Aïe!

  4. Thank you for indroducing him here…His music is “catchy”, but it is also his drama & intensity that is compelling…The androgynous aspect of him makes me think a little of Michael Jackson who also had a powerful charisma.

  5. Hi! I wanted to say thank you for commenting on my blog & introducing me to yours! I know I’m going to be a big fan. It’s so interesting to hear your thoughts on France/French culture from a distance. Personally, I hated “Alors on danse” — couldn’t change the station fast enough! When Formidable came out on Belgian radio (I live in the North so we often listen to Belgian stations) I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s severely over-played at the moment, but I like it just the same. I think the lyrics are clever, which is a nice change from other over-played stuff like the ever-popular (& I don’t understand why) Sexion d’Assaut.

    • Bienvenue Amber. I see what you mean about “Alors on Dance.” The style is totally different from Stromae’s lastest album, and there are only so many times you can hear a song on the radio before overdosing 🙂 I am definitely getting the new album for Christmas, though. By the way, I did not mention this on your blog, but my family and I lived in Lille for years when I was younger. I am pretty familiar with Northern France (and Belgium.) A lovely city, Lille. I hear it’s changed a lot. I will have to stop by one of these days… Hope your “little friend” is behaving this week. Or maybe she has already packed her bags (with a little help from you, of course?) — A bientôt. d

  6. Hello Veronique

    I was just searching the net to see if the US has already discovered this remarkable talent. That’s how I stumbled upon your blog.

    Be sure to check out the other songs on his latest album, Racine Carrée. While awaiting Santa you can already do that on his Youtube channel (

    Apart from the popular songs you already mentioned, my personal favorites are “Moules Frites” and “Quand c’est”. Coincidentally, they are both about nasty diseases (aids and cancer). The first one is quite cryptic; I actually didn’t get it at first. The second is a lot darker and has another nice play on words (“cancer, cancer, dis-moi quand c’est”).

    I would also advice to youtube some of his live performances. His interpretation of “Formidable” on Vivement Dimanche for instance ( It almost made me cry.

    I never thought there would be another Belgian artist on the level of the great Jacques Brel, until I heard Stromae… I hope you enjoy the rest of the album.

    Greetings from Belgium! (and yes it’s raining again)

    PS: “Papaoutai” already has 80 million views on Youtube 😉

    • Merci beaucoup Nils. Thank you for leaving not just one, but TWO messages. The reason you did not see your comments appear right away is because my blog is set up so I get to approve them first. A very good tool with so many spammers in Cyberspace!

      I gave in and ordered “Racine Carrée” on Amazon last week, and I love it. “Quand c’est” is a wonderful song, isn’t it? Clever lyrics. I love the way our young friend plays with words when he writes, then plays some more when he says them. He lets his “R’s” roll the way Brel did. I guess that is the biggest resemblance between them.

      Like you, I find “Formidable” very moving, and have been able to see several live performances on YouTube, including the concert in downtown Brussels this fall.

      Greetings from Seattle, where it is not raining (yet) but the sky looks so ominous I just know we will be getting snow – or rain – in the next 48 hours.

      A bientôt, I hope.

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