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A new Home for the blog, and a Give Away for you!

A new Home for the blog, and a Give Away for you!

All copyrights: Uderzo
All copyrights: Uderzo

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle !

Le Blog turns 4 in December, and this is an early blog-anniversary celebration.

Yes, it’s been 4 years since I started writing and building an online community of francophiles, students of the French language, and friends. Thank you for following me on the Blog, and on Facebook. Here’s to more good times together!

I went through several transitions in 2014. With change, comes opportunity. Le Blog, I decided, deserves a new home. What the Blog needs, the Blog gets. It is still French Girl in Seattle as you knew it, just… un peu different. I will continue sharing stories with you weekly; stories about la Belle France and French culture; and stories about my life as a French native in the Pacific Northwest. I will keep offering travel preparation and travel planning services in the Seattle area. It is my hope I will soon be able to bring some of these services online…

Bien entendu, you can also meet me daily on Facebook, where the community of French Girl in Seattle friends is growing fast!

I would like to thank two wonderful ladies, who have helped this non-techie French Girl make it all possible. Together, we created the new French Girl in Seattle. I hope you like it here.

Daria has been a French student of mine for many, many years. Lucky for me, she is also a talented graphic designer and photographer. Daria designed this beautiful website and was very dedicated in bringing my vision to life. You can visit her here.

Jeanne, a fellow blogger and Seattleite, is as creative as it gets. I always admire the beautiful watercolors she shares on her blog. Jeanne designed the new French Girl in Seattle mascot, Coco the French bulldog. Isn’t she precious? Visit Jeanne on her blog when you have a minute.

Merci, mesdames. It has been a pleasure working with you and watching it all happen.

So, here we are, almost four years after I started blogging. In a new home. This calls for a celebration, don’t you think? It’s been a while since I have hosted a Give Away chez French Girl in Seattle. Will you join us? Here it comes:

French Girl in Seattle 4th Blog-Anniversary Give Away

First, the prizes.

The winner, whose name will be pulled out of my favorite Le Creuset dish next Friday by Junior’s innocent hand, will get to choose between the following:

David Lebovitztrès successful new cooking book, My Paris Kitchen. If you follow David’s blog, you know you are in for a treat! The photographs alone are worth a detour. And the recipes, ah, the recipes…



Discover talented illustrator Jacques Sempé‘s take on life in France, his homeland. Delightful, and the perfect coffee table book!


Sempe a Little bit of France


Finally, if you think you know everything there is to know about French designer Coco Chanel, this little book will surprise you with an entertaining, often irreverent look at Chanel’s controversial life and career.


To enter the Give Away you must: 

1. Reside in the Continental United States.

2. “Like” the French Girl in Seattle page on Facebook (if you use Facebook) AND sign up for email updates, here, on the Home Page (look for the Mailing List on the right hand side.)

4. Name two favorite stories in the Blog’s Comment section, below. (Check out Les Categories, on the right hand side if you need help triggering your memory :-)) — OR list two reasons why you enjoy visiting the French Girl in Seattle Facebook page or le Blog.

5. List two topics you would like to hear more about in the Blog’s Comment section (e.g. more travel advice; more travel information; more about: fashion, food, French current events, the French way of life, the French language; etc.)

Are you ready? Hope you join the fun, and share with friends. The Give Away results will be published in next week’s blog post. Bonne chance !

Thank you for coming over here. Le Blog and I have to go for now. We have more unpacking to do…

A bientôt.

Coco the Frenchie (Copyright French Girl in Seattle)



46 Responses to A new Home for the blog, and a Give Away for you!

  1. Two reasons I enjoy the blog & Facebook page –
    1. I enjoy the interesting stories you share with us.
    2. I love the pictures from your travels in France.

    Two topics I’d like more of –
    1. French language tips & stories
    2. Daily life in France (especially my favorite city – Paris).

    Merci bien!

  2. I’m new to the blog, except as referred there from Facebook, and I love both. They both send me to my past, when as a college student I spent a lot of time in France, and to my future, where, even in my later years, I hope to spend a whole lot more time there. I’m a born-in-the-USA (Pacific Northwest, by the way) French girl at heart, even at my (*cough*) “mature” age. And for sure I hope to age as well as my French friends. And aging well in France is one topic I’d like to see addressed. I’d also love to see very simple recipes for very simple foods – mayonnaise, mussels, the real “French” dressing….. A bonus answer – I’d absolutely love to see a photo tour of the real soap makers factory in Marseilles, and in the “laboratory” of an excellent chocolate maker. Can’t live without that excellent chocolate.

    Congrats on your new blog site and thanks for all things French you have already brought into my life. I look forward to your future blogs and posts on Facebook.

  3. Happy 4th anniversary “french girl in Seattle”! I have referred your blog to a lot of people, particularly the story of Josephine Baker and the beautiful photos of her castle. I also loved the blog about Coco Chanel and your reviews of french movies. I personally enjoy reading about your life in the Pacific Northwest and when you are in France, taking the time to take photos and write about your day for our shear pleasure. Your blog or Facebook postings never disappoint.

  4. I love your blog. We lived in Europe in the late eighties for 3 years and we visited my husbands French friends who lived in Alsace many times. We had such memorable New Years dinners which lasted for many hours. I have some excellent recipes Kugelhopf and a Queen of Sheba cake and many others. We are planning to visit France in a year when my husband retires. I would love info on travel tips and any other. Would also enjoy some recipes

  5. I love your blog and your posts on FB. As a francophile and French teacher, I enjoy your articles on current French movies and French daily life. I often share this information in my classes. I would always like to see more on your travels in France and on how to experience France here in the US.

  6. My favorites were Coco Chanel and Croissants in Seattle
    I always appreciate when you find a new favorite patisserie or boulangerie in the Seattle area that I can try.
    I love the language tips, especially how not to sound like an American! 😉

  7. Love the new blog design, Veronique! It’s very fresh, creative and classy. I love all your stories and information – it’s so nice to often get the true “French” perspective. Bummed – I can’t enter your giveaway…still a legal resident but yes, residing on the other side of the Atlantic can sometimes have it’s disadvantages….lol!
    Looking forward to reading more – Happy 4 year anniversary.

    • Merci beaucoup Jennifer. I am so happy you like the blog’s “new look.” I enjoy following your informative posts too. I feel as if I know the Bordeaux area a lot better since you started blogging, to tell you the truth. Keep up the good work!

  8. Two reasons that I enjoy visiting your FB page & blog are because since I have always been in love with France, Paris in particular, it makes me smile to read not only your adventures but your point of view. I get to relive my time in Paris when I read some of your posts.

    Topics I would like to see more of would be on the French way of life, living in Paris, renting in Paris,

  9. Congratulations on 4 years! And so wonderful that your blog keeps evolving and growing!

    Please count me in for the giveaway, I’ve been eyeing “My Paris Kitchen” for a while… I loved your Harry Potter post, and then one about waiters, which I couldn’t seem to find again. As far as future material, I always love posts about traditional food, but maybe you can also write more about the French in Seattle – influences, foods, people?

    Fingers crossed! And here’s to four more…

    • Bienvenue chez moi, Liene. Ah. Another Harry Potter fan. Glad you enjoyed -and remembered- my Harry stories! Good thing you left France and moved to the East Coast a while back or you would not have been able to enter the Give Away. Bonne chance !

  10. I traveled to Paris last year for several weeks – wish I had known about your blog beforehand – I would have been more comfortable and known more of the special places to see. I’d love to hear more about places to see in France outside of Paris and about aging well as it is done in France. Oh yes, and always those fabulous and simple recipes for the most delicious food.
    Thank you,

  11. Hello Veronique,

    I love your new web site and the bulldog watercolur is absolutely fabulous.

    I am unable to find the follow button, usually on right side of blog. I am trying to limit the number of emails to my inbox so am reluctant to subscribe by email. I do love your blog and hope there is a way I can still read it.

    Fond wishes


    • Bonjour my dear Helen. How wonderful to see you here. I knew you, of all people, would enjoy the cute Coco watercolor. Isn’t Jeanne talented? Don’t worry about joining my Mailing List. I believe my old blog is in your blogroll, on your homepage. Just update the address, and you will receive updates. See? Problem solved. Take care.

  12. Two reasons I like your blog
    1) It is about France/Paris—you enjoy showing us your native country and how to experience some of it in your new home, the USA
    2) your writing style is informative, interesting to read with out being pedantic

    • Eh bien merci beaucoup, ma chère Ruth. I aim to please, and am so happy you enjoy my stories – and my writing style. Please keep visiting. There is more information about Paris and France headed your way. Bonne semaine !

  13. I am a new follower!
    I would have to say that the posts on Coco Channel and the french way of life are my favorite categories.

    I would love to see some more fashion and food!

  14. Wonderful new site design, Veronique!

    1. Naming two favorite stories would be hard to choose as there are so many. I loved the sailing story around the Washington Islands. Stories visiting your folks in Paris with Junior. In NYC when you were getting an MA if I recall correctly. Also in the South of France your coverage from the Nice apartment was really nice. And especially cultural nuances like describing French elementary school particulars…deepens understanding of my favorite country.

    2. Really, I think you provide a great mix and are always interesting and informative. I actually love that you post just on Mondays and am thinking of doing that too. There are so many great blogs and not enough time. When it’s once a week can keep up!

    3. I do wonder about what you think of the future of France…will she change significantly with Fast Food (ugh), immigration. economic woes, poor political leadership. Or have the French been through all of this before and they will safeguard the basic culture we know and love.

    All best on your new slant…and congratulations on the four enriching four years past.


    • What a wonderful message, Suzanne. Thank you, for following French Girl in Seattle for so long. You have made some excellent suggestions for future posts. Thank you for your input. I am sure we will be in touch, here, chez French Girl in Seattle, or chez vous. A bientôt !

  15. Congratulations, Veronique! The new home looks great – I’m sure that you’ll be getting lots of praise over the next few days. Thank you so much for the very nice shout out! It was such a pleasure working with you and it makes me smile to see Mademoiselle Coco looking so right at home in her new space.

    Here’s to new beginnings! XOXO

  16. I have stumbled across your blog just today! Love every post and have signed up for weekly email. I loved especially reading about Julia and your lessons on behaivor when visiting france. and the fashions..fall.

    two topics for the future? Hmmm. always current fashion trends and beautiful pictures of food : ) Regards, cheryl

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