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Do as the French do: Enjoy l’apéritif!

Do as the French do: Enjoy l’apéritif!

You are in France. What do you do when a native says the following to you: – On prend l’apéritif? or, slightly more familiar: – Vous venez chez moi ce soir pour l’apéro? What if you just received an invitation reading: – Retrouvez-nous mardi soir pour un apéritif dinatoire, 19H00. Apéritif. Apéro. A time-tested tradition in la…

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  1. v this post was absolutely delectable – on so many levels- the food pictures has got my mouth watering-I swear I cold almost taste them-the colors and presentation – no fuss but what a treat for the eyes-and the cultural aspect explained-in only a way you could do- better than any book- can I ask one question how do you know when to leave if the gathering is at a home or personal garden if the l’apero is not a precursor to a sit down meal-I felt myself getting a little nervous-that is how involved I become with your posts-like a good book-when do you leave….Well another winner here SIMPLY ADORE the cultural aspects you share-HAVE A GOOD WEEK and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND JR.!!

    • Merci, dear g. I am happy you enjoyed this story. To answer your question, an apéritif that is not followed by dinner, but still held at someone’s home, typically lasts under two hours. If other guests are there, you would watch and get the hint, as they start leaving. If you were the only guest, and “l’apéro” started around 6:30, then I would probably thank the host and get ready to leave around 8:00 pm (which is dinner time in France.) If the host wanted you to stay longer at that point, they would let you know, and would likely offer more food too 🙂 Bonne semaine. Hope you are surviving the cold weather on the East Coast.

  2. What a delicious post! It took me back and gave me a “heads up” on the present all at the same time – what a wonderful combination!! Of course, you know that I can never pick up a Kir without thinking of you, ma chère Véro. That would be carrément impensable!! I will be checking out all these wonderful links for future reference.

    Big bisous, my dear friend, M-T

    • Bonjour Madame M-T. Wonderful to hear from you. Yes, we have been lucky to celebrate with Kir Royal on a couple of occasions, and on two different coasts, no less, haven’t we? Great memories. Hope all is well in the Northeast… Will pay you a little visit on le Blog tomorrow. Ta-Da.

  3. Veronique, l’apertif is one of my favorite Frenchie things. I still have very fond memories of sitting on the terrace at Le Rostand with one of my best girlfriends on our first trip to Paris together, sipping champagne and discussing whether or not we should start pitching olives at the cute Frenchman seated in front of us to get his attention.

    A little Lillet, a kir, champagne and potato chips, I love meeting friends for a quick drink or two, a bit of chatter and the start to a great evening! XOXO

    • Bonjour Jeanne. So good of you to check on me and your creation, Coco the Frenchie. You know, I bet that Parisian guy would have loved being hit by olives thrown by two pretty American ladies! Maybe next time… Happy Thanksgiving, Jeanne!

  4. L’apéro is one of the French traditions which I enjoyed so much when I was living in France and during my many visits. In fact, I had my first sip of Pastis when I was sixteen and staying with my French penfriend’s family for the summer! My preference now is a Kir Royal and another favourite is Pineau which was so popular when I lived in Saintes, Charente-Maritime. It’s such a leisurely, sociable activity especially sitting outside in the sunshine. Those verrines look so appetising and the cake salé too. I hope both you and Junior enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday. Bon week-end, Véronique!

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