About Veronique - French Girl in SeattleBonjour! After 23 years in the United States, this French Girl moved back to Paris, France, on March 1, 2019. If I have been able to make your French heart sing since 2010 while living 8000 miles away from my homeland, imagine how much you are going to see – and learn – about France and French culture now that I am France-based again!

NEW IN 2019: Introducing “Wander with VéroGuiding and French Language Training Services. My passions have always been adult education and travel. I have shared my love of France with the French Girl in Seattle community, on this site or on Facebook for years. An experienced traveler, presenter, and French language instructor, I am looking forward to exploring Paris and France as a tour guide for Rick Steves Europe from April to October this year. When my travel schedule allows, I will be offering a limited number of private walks (small groups only) in and around Paris. Walks will be customized for each visitor/group and will include half day orientation tours around the French capital for first time visitors, as well as explorations of my favorite, off the beaten {tourist} path neighborhoods and destinations.

Why choose to “Wander with Véro” when there are so many excellent tour guides around? I am a French native originally from Toulouse and a Paris resident once again. We will make meaningful connections as we learn together. On my tours, you will hear historical references, stories about the past and visit landmarks, but your feet will stay firmly planted in the present. We will focus on discovering and discussing authentic French (and Parisian) daily life and won’t shy away from debunking a stereotype or two along the way…

Parlez-vous français? You want to practice your French in an unintimidating and friendly environment? Parlons français ! (All levels are welcome after an initial level assessment.) I will offer half-day immersion tours blending sightseeing, French pronunciation and grammar tips, language coaching, and opportunities to interact with French natives we meet on our walks.

Please note that most “Wander with Véro” tours (unless you request otherwise,) will include several hours of walking (as well as stops at local cafés, or at my favorite Parisian “terrasses.”)

Interested? Please email me (see Contact information on this site) and let’s chat. I am looking forward to introducing you to “my Paris.”

If we don’t connect in person this year, consider following me on French Girl in Seattle Takes France! What you will get when you tag along: A native’s honest (and often humorous) point of view on French culture, mentality and way of life. How to join the fun: Visit the French Girl in Seattle community on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates. Add your name to the Mailing List on this site’s homepage to read exclusive travel stories first. Visit the Boutique section to find fun, affordable, French-themed gifts. Don’t forget to swing by my YouTube channel where I share entertaining and informative videos about French life.

As always, heartfelt thanks for your interest and support.

A bientôt,


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