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Move over, fleece: Yves St Laurent is in Seattle!

Move over, fleece: Yves St Laurent is in Seattle!

There are iconic names in fashion, instantly recognizable around the world. Yves St Laurent (1936-2008) is one of them. In his heyday, the French couturier was a living legend. He was honored at New York’s Metropolitan Art Museum in the 1980s. In 1998, he staged a giant fashion show broadcast around the world during the soccer…

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  1. Ma chère Véro, you have written a post after my own heart. If it were not for Chanel and YSL, what would the modern woman do for sartorial inspiration? She was “la reine” and he was clearly “le roi” of “la mode”. It would be worth a trip to Seattle just to see this beautiful exhibit. Of course, seeing you again would be wonderful, too.

    I owe you a nice, long e-mail.

    je t’embrasse, M-T

    • Bonjour M-T. Wonderful to hear from you! Yes, Coco was the queen, Yves the king, not just because of their talent and unmatched creativity, but also for the longevity of their careers and the iconic brands they built. I believe the exhibit is headed to the East Coast after Seattle. You may be able to see it there early next year. A bientôt!

  2. Madame Veronique,

    Love, love your post! Everything you wrote is spot on!
    When I see this total genius initials…what a blast from the past…

    My classmates and I grew up with a beloved friend whose father was president of our country for a very long time. She of course could afford real couture. We were still young when we saw at her house a movie of Yves Saint Laurent’s revered Rive Gauche Fall/Winter “Russian Collection” from 1976.
    We loved his iconic corset tops! They were also shown in several other collections.

    YSL’s “Rive Gauche” was my mother’s fragrance. To this day, if I happen to smell it, I’m left in rag doll mode for a while, so strong are the “añoranzas” I have since she passed away.

    And I totally agree: the slogan for this season should be move over, fleece!

    Thank you so much,

    P.S. Did you know Seattle has The Pacific Northwest Ballet School, one of the best ballet schools in the world? And of its Principal Dancer, Carrie Imler?
    Colleagues and friends describe her dancing as fierce. Here’s a sample of it, even though this clip shows just a rehearsal.

    She’s a dancer with a power that reminds me of those fortunate ones, trained by the great Baryshnikov, so long ago.

    And last but not least: you look absolutely stunning in that photo with your red umbrella!

    • Dear Maria. I do not know where to start… This is such a great comment. First, thank you for your visit. Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle! Thank you, as well, for sharing personal memories here, and what memories they are! I am so grateful you shared this video of the beautiful Carrie Imler. I confess I do not know much about ballet, but have heard about the Pacific Northwest Ballet School. Watching Ms Imler in action, I can tell why the school is so renowned! She is obviously a skilled ballerina, but i was most impressed with her natural energy. The lady has a strong personality, and attitude, I can tell, and I love her for it 🙂 Finally, thank you for the nice compliment. I think my beautiful new umbrella did a lot to enhance that photo outside S.A.M.! A bientôt.

  3. Chère Véronique, I have greatly enjoyed your blogs ever since I started receiving them awhile back. I appreciate your articles promoting the beauty and culture of la belle France. I have written a blog about you and your work featuring your latest one on Yves St-Laurent. You can find it on my website, under “blog”. While you are there, please take a look at my work which is promoting a more authentic French accent to Anglo-American speakers. Under “courses” there are a few short videos that illustrate my teaching style. I would love your comments. Amicalement, Geri

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