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If you can’t go Christmas shopping in Paris…

If you can’t go Christmas shopping in Paris…

Christmas market on the Champs-Elysées(American Frog Photography)  Imagine that: We could be Christmas shopping in Paris right about now.  We could visit les grands magasins, the great department stores depicted in so many novels and movies.  Le Bon Marché, the only major department store located on Paris’ Left Bank, celebrated its 160th anniversary this year.…

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  1. There are just so many things mentioned here that I would love, where to begin…all of the books, the bag and purse..a few new scarves, a shopping spree in Galleries Lafayette and absolutely at least two chocolate snowmen.. Super post Veronique, bon weekend.

  2. This was wonderful, Vero! Like hopping on the TGV without all of the hassle. 🙂 Lots of wonderful ideas here but I am done! Yep, done. I did all of my shopping while in the States so I could either leave the presents behind for family there or bring things home for Remi and Ben too. 🙂
    Bon Weekend!

    • No hassle. You got that right, Heather. Oui, convenient, but could not replace walking in Paris streets for a session of “lèche-vitrine,” right? It sounds like you had a fabulous time at home with your family AND you were organized enough to take care of Christmas shopping while you were there. No international shipping. Impressed, I am! 🙂

  3. That was quite a shopping trip..You are so good at finding the right things ..Lots of great choices here..I ave to admit the chocolate snowmen made me smile..
    That square umbrella would be a great gift too..remember?

    • I do remember the square umbrella chez Heyraud, Nana, but could not figure out how my American friends could order it online. It is hard to believe but some French companies (like Heyraud apparently,) do not do “online shopping” very well yet… Maybe next year…

  4. Fabulous post! I was planning on going to Bon Marché for real today but it snowed so I stayed home. I think there might be something for everyone on my list right here in this post though!

  5. Love the photo of Galeries Lafayette’s glass dome. Also…”les munchies.” hee hee!

    I do love the Kate Spade bag, but we would be laughed out of the farmers’ market for the cost of it (this year we got one free from our turkey farmer with his farm logo on it.) But chocolate is a different matter. And yes–it does taste better than snow!

    • Bonjour Alison. I agree. The Kate Spade bag is not that easy to carry around. Like most Kate Spade items, it tends to steal the show 🙂 Reading your recent posts, though, it seems you and your partner would make the most of the great Opinel knife (food for thought…)

  6. No one does the Parisian “good life” like you do… Hopefully Seattle offers some good shopping opportunities as well, in compensation for not being in Paris ? In consolation…

  7. Wow, that was quite the expedition. I could be happy just strolling around the Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché, an amazing place. I will have to get that CD tutorial “Playing with Scarves” for Shirley as she loves scarves, except for the Hermes scarf I bought her (she doesn’t like that it is square) and wears them daily when we are in France. Have a great weekend.

    • Bonjour Michel. I love la Grande Epicerie too, but then again, when I visit France once a year, most supermarkets keep me busy for an hour or so… There are so many products I can’t find here in the US. And the yogurt aisle… ah… the yogurt aisle… 🙂 Do look into the scarf CD. A great investment if your wife enjoys wearing silk scarves…

  8. Ah, Veronique! Merci, merci for taking us on this virtual Paris shopping jaunt. I almost feel like I’m there, even though I am sitting at my breakfast table in my PJs! One of my best friends left yesterday for Paris – she goes in December every year. I have yet to go with her but someday, I hope. Your gift ideas are fantastic – speaking of PJs, I think I need the Eiffle Tower ones – do you think they would help me dream of Paris? Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

    • Jeanne, you MUST get the Eiffel Tower pjs. They look really good in the catalogue I received, and they are made in the USA I believe (not many Christmas gifts can make the same claim I am guessing…) Do try to visit Paris for the Holidays at least once. It really is a special time in the City of Light.

  9. So much to comment on here! Firstly, I too get distracted by the beautiful dome in Galeries Lafayette then eventually I start shopping in this wonderful store. I read a few posts on the Paris v New York blog and meant to order the book – thanks for the reminder. I’ve made a note of Le Grand Colbert which is new to me (and you know that I have a sweet tooth!)
    In fact, I would be happy with any one of these gorgeous gifts in my stocking on Christmas Day. Maybe I should leave my laptop open at this page……….
    Bon week-end, Véronique.

    • Dear miss b. I am glad I am not the only one who gets “distracted” by the beautiful buildings in Paris. I think you would love visiting Le Grand Colbert. It is mostly a restaurant, open for lunch or dinner. Until you do, you can take a closer look if you watch the entertaining “Something’s Got to Give,” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. I believe that movie is single-handedly responsible for making le Grand Colbert a “cool” place all over again 🙂

  10. A very nice post, so much to see and to dream of. You made a lot of work to find all the presents for us, like a real Father Christmas. A few years ago I was there in December. It is such a nice time to visit a city. The shops are so nice decorated and the lights in the streets. Next week we go for a day to the Christmas market in Antwerp, also a city I love very much.

  11. Dear Véronique,
    Thank you so much for mentioning my Scarf CD dedicated to all scarf lovers! Thank you too for all these ideas you suggest. They are all great. I am sure Santa will get inspiration after reading your post.
    I really need this fun PJs… it’s really cool. On my list!!!
    Much love,
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)

  12. Whew!~ what a wonderland of images and things to see, eat and wear in Paris! I must cast my vote for The French Cat. I received this last year and it is one of my very favorite French books, and that is saying a LOT! The photography is superb and I’m sure her French Dog book is equally as well done.

  13. If shopping could be done in such a beautiful setting, I would probably quit buying over the internet. The only thing missing was the glass of champagne or kir royale that I would sip at the end of my shopping spree!

  14. Dearest Véronique,
    Funny but we don’t exchange any ‘cadeau’ especially for Christmas. It is magical throughout the year, without all the over done pressure and way too commercial push. Maybe we changed after having lived and worked all over the world and getting to know poverty… For us, we celebrate Christmas purely religious and that is le plus grand et le plus beau cadeau!
    Hugs to you,

  15. Loved this post. It is like a Christmas gift! Thanks. Actually you have done a bit of my shopping for me. That New York verses Paris book is the perfect gift for a dear friend. Have a wonderful holiday season. Janey

  16. Oh! It all looks so fabulous. And you’re absolutely correct. The new Guerlain bottle is stunning. I want one. As well as the scent inside, of course. 🙂 And i love Rachael Hale’s books. I have her book “Small Dogs.” It’s adorable. Then there are the chocolate snowmen.. and.. and.. But wait! I’m supposed to be shopping for those other than myself, right? lol.

  17. I enjoyed both your tour in New York and this shopping tour in Paris. I just realized when reading your last post that Edith Piaf had been gone 50 years – I just can’t believe it. Before I came to the US I worked for an international music publishing company and once, when the secretary was out, I had to take a phone call from Edith Piaf who wanted to change some lyrics in a song and I had to write them down. I also saw her at l’Olympia. The years went fast. Now I do miss les vitrines de Paris because here, since the Macy’s stores and others like Nordstrom are in malls they don’t have windows. But that was when I was a kid, when I was in France later on though we did not celebrate Christmas much with my friends, that was for the family and children, but we had a ball for the New Year! This year I did my Christmas shopping in Venice, Italy – they have pretty things there too.

    • Bonjour Vagabonde. Always wonderful to hear from you! You are right about Edith Piaf. I believe the Patricia Kaas tour was organized to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Edith’s death next year. And you actually talked to her once! Wow!

      I enjoyed seeing some of the photos of your Venice trip. I am hoping for a few more to be honest 🙂

  18. Bonsoir Veronique. Everything you featured here are so tempting to go to Paris and just shop till we drop. I love all of those Grand Magasins and petit boutiques in those different arrondissement in Paris. Merci beacoup.

  19. I so very much loved this post. (And those pajamas!!) You actually answered a question I had many years back. I went to visit Paris once in 2006, and I could never figure out the store hours to La Samaritaine!! HAHAHAHA Now I know: it wasn’t ever going to open.
    I so hope that I get to return to Paris and spend a good deal of months there. I’m trying!

    • Bonjour Amber, and welcome back! I was so sad when la Samaritaine closed down. I still remember the amazing view from the restaurant sitting at the top of the building; one of the best in Paris! I hope you get to return soon.

  20. Oh how this post makes me smile. I love performing that delicate balancing act you speak of between New York (my soul) and Paris (my heart). I am incomplete without them both.

    I will have to expand my Christmas list to include all those gorgeous books, particularly the French cats. My Victor will love it.

    Joyeuse Fêtes.

    xoxo, M-T

  21. Drop me off at Galleries LaFayette and leave me there for an hour or two or three …. Oh No ! I will need all day …. all those pretty baubles and bows a a spitz or two of Guerlain’s newest parfum La Petite Robe Noir.
    Oh to be in Paris at Christmas-time … now you’ve got me dreaming!

    “All Things French”

  22. What a delightful gift-tour of Paris! I am truly missing the big tree at GL this year along with the animated windows. If I were shopping for myself, I would have a complete list now with a knife and another kitchen linen – oh la la!

    Our young French friend Isabelle is in the US with Holly and her family for three weeks and all will be down to see us on the 26th. She will be making Canelés de Bordeaux with us – miam-miam!


  23. A very good way to shop Veronique… love your selections..
    I wanted to wish you a happy Christmas and to thank you for all your generous and lovely words this year… Our blogging community is a very special one and I feel so privileged to be a part of it with you… Happy holidays… xv

  24. My goodness, Veronique! What a wonderful and interesting post!
    Merci for given me the chance for this comfortable “armchair-shopping” 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Beautiful images, really stunning!

    Best wishes and warmest greetings from the Périgord,

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