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Joyeux Anniversaire, le Blog !

Joyeux Anniversaire, le Blog !

Cher Blog. Dear Blog. Three years have gone by since that first story, inspired by a fun evening with my French students.  Le temps passe. Time flies.  3 years. 176 posts. Over 535,000 pageviews. Close to 1,000 Followers (my most faithful readers,) here, or on the blog’s Facebook page. Many comments – and just as…

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary, Véronique! It was fun to look back as I recall most of these. You are an entertaining writer. I wish you a positive 2014, moving forward with new adventures and continuing to entertain your readers. I’ll be following along. ~ Sarah

  2. Congratulations on your blog anniversary!! Even though I am a newer reader, I adore your perspective, your stories and your insights!! I find it so fun to learn about France and it’s culture from you (in America) as I write in France on the American perspective. Your posts are insightful, knowledgeable and lots of fun. I have to also tell you I have tremendously enjoyed sharing several of your posts with my daughters. Their favorite was your post about Stromae! (Little note here – my husband is not a huge fan of Stromae – he always loved his music – but after he was educated about the musician by his daughters (from your post) – he has developed an even greater appreciation for the maestro!) Thank you for all your hard work. I hope you get to celebrate you blog anniversary in a fun way. I look forward to reading more in 2014!! Happy Holidays and New Year!!

    • Merci beaucoup Jennifer. This means a lot to me. I am so glad my modest writings helped your daughters’ cause with their Dad 🙂

      I will be following your writings as well next year; who knows? If I am ever in the Bordeaux area, we might even get to meet. I would really like that. For now, trying to become certified as an educator in the US; a topic close to your heart, as I recall. Bonne année to you and yours!

  3. OH V HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY….you and this amazing space are such a part of my week, that I would die- just die- if it went away…..ALL GOOD THOUGHTS FOR 2014-not to mention love and support from your east coast contingent – all the love and energy is so evident-even the other stuff-between the lines and I for one love- adore and crave every bit you have to offer-looking forward to everything LE BLOG will bring us in the new year!-with gratitude and love-

    • Well, dear g, we do not want you to DIE — Heaven forbid! I guess I will have to keep on writing, then 🙂

      A heartfelt thank you for all your support since those early posts, three winters ago. A heartfelt thank you for your support this year, too.

      I will be looking forward to reading your comments in 2014, as always. Excellente année 2014, “g from Philadelphia,” to you, your sister, and all your family.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your successful blog! Somewhere I read that it is at the first three years bloggers either bag the effort or move on to even greater efforts. Looks to me like you are definitely headed to even more readers, followers and page views. Look forward to more from you in your delightful blog!

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Jackie. It is very much appreciated. You are right: Who knows what lies ahead in 2014, for the blog, and for its author? 🙂 Let’s meet after the Holidays, d’accord? Happy New Year to you, Joel, and those you love.

  5. Joyeux anniversaire Veronique! I takes a lot of time and dedication to write a good blog. That is why yours is so popular. You are a good teacher and wish you lots of luck an happiness in 2014!

    • Merci beaucoup Nadège. Thank you for all your support this year. We have learned a lot for each other. I particularly enjoyed the last piece of info your forwarded my way (Sherlock-related 🙂 Excellente année 2014 in sunny Los Angeles!

  6. Dearest Véronique,
    Congratulations on your three year anniversary! One can hardly believe that time is gone but this is great for being able to look back and check what is popular over the years.
    You are so right for all the research and writing; in the end it is VERY rewarding.
    Hugs to you and enjoy your very last weekend of 2013.

  7. Congratulations Veronique on your blog anniversary. I truly enjoy your take on life, both USA and French. I look forward to reading many more posts. Happy holidays.

  8. Joyeux Anniversaire Véronique! I’m among your loyal followers anticipating each new post. There’s always an interesting point of view and surprise.
    Forget please the turbulent 2013. Thank you for your perseverance and wish you huge success in all your beginnings.
    Happy New Year to you and junior! Let’s happiness prevail!

  9. Happy bloganniversary! Isn’t blogging fun – we meet so many interesting people from a variety of places – places we may have never visited? Just like today I saw on my little map that someone from Lukunwod, Mili Atoll, in the Marshall Islands visited my blog – so far away. Your blog is the same way I am sure. I wish you a very happy new year and much success in your blog for 2014.

    • Chère Vagabonde, merci. I am not sure if anyone from the Marshall islands has ever visited my blog. Come to think of it, I am not sure where the Marshall islands are anymore, but I will have to look them up, now! 🙂 Thank you for your continued support, and i wish you equal success with your wonderful blog, too. Bonne année 2014 ! A bientôt…

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