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A European summer (Part 1)

A European summer (Part 1)

A Sunday in the country, somewhere outside of Paris…
(two French ladies, charmed by a young man in a hat…) 
Greetings from the land of snooty waiters!

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote on the blog.
Pardonnez-moi. My apologies.
The first half of our trip, and two full weeks, have just gone by.
Paris. London. Two fascinating European cities.
Blending the old and the new; traditions and quirkiness; 
… effortlessly.
They embrace stereotypes; they defy them.
London. Paris. Two favorite ladies of mine. 
I miss you already.

Paris… I once called you home. 
 and have visited you once a year for the last 17 years.
You have changed… un peu
but I still know you.

From my hotel window on Place Dauphine,
Ile de la Cité

Paris… How I love watching your people…
People say they are morose.
Peut-être. Maybe.
But some things will never change.
They still walk; bike; enjoy their city.
In the evening, they still go home carrying a warm baguette.
In short, they still have their priorities straight.

Seen by the Promenade Plantée (Paris’ High Line walk:)
“This space is reserved for walking.
Joggers are tolerated as long as they do not disturb walkers…”

London… You have changed a lot. 
Queen Victoria may not recognize you.
So modern, yet so traditional. 
So predictable, yet so eccentric.
You keep surprising us.
London, you rule!

The hip and lively Southbank 
Europe’s tallest building, the Shard, dominates the London skyline
Elegant Chelsea…
The crazy world of Camden Markets, North London 
Watching the world go by through the window of an ice cream parlor,
Notting Hill

In London and in Paris,
There have been precious moments,
spent with relatives and friends.
I did my best, 
but I still could not see everyone on my list.
L’année prochaine, c’est promis. Next year, it’s a promise. 

A grandmother, and her grandsons
Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

For the next two weeks, 
our most excellent European adventure continues.
For now, Junior and I have relocated to the French Riviera.
La Côte d’Azur, and its ruling queen, Nice.
My family’s roots are firmly planted by la Grande Bleue (the Big Blue.) 

We have to climb six flights of old, steep stairs, 
to reach the “Crow’s Nest,”
our apartment in the heart of the Old Town.
But the view and small terrace are worth it.

Getting acquainted with la Baie des Anges (the Bay of Angels…) 
A home with a view… 

I will be back in a few days with more stories…

In the meantime, 
keep visiting the French Girl in Seattle‘s page on Facebook,
for daily photos and updates.
Thank you for all your comments, and emails over the last few weeks.

Have a fun, warm, and safe rest of July!

Off to pour another glass of chilled rosé wine… Santé

A bientôt,
French Girl in Seattle

All photos by French Girl in Seattle.
Please do not use, reprint,  or Pin without permission.

40 Responses to A European summer (Part 1)

  1. Wonderful photos of two amazing cities and many familiar sights – as you know from my blog, I was recently in Paris and earlier this year London. What a lovely view from your hotel on Place Dauphine and the jogging sign made me smile. Looking forward to more stories! We too have been drinking rosé here in our garden – enjoying glorious sunshine – real summer weather in the UK – what a treat! Santé et Bonnes Vacances!

    • Bonjour miss b. I need to go back to your blog (and others) and catch up on my reading. Wifi connections can be hard to find here, as you know, and time has not always been on my side, but I will get there. I knew that sign would be a hit. Only in France… 🙂

  2. Two beautiful ladies … Paris and London …I love them both. Thank you for sharing these wonderful snippet, they have put a smile on my face. Merci Beaucoup.


    OK….I love Paris, no matter what her reputation. London? I do not know her, but I know I could grow to embrace her history and people, for blogging has introduced me to the world. Your people, your family….oh what charm. To see you again ma belle is so wonderful as I sit in my garden, pretending to be in France as I listen to my fountain sing like the way Marcel Pagnol describes in his, Le Château de ma Mère. I pretend to be in Provence as my husband and I eat un civet au poulet au vin blanc, laced with thyme from my garden.

    Thank you for posting and keeping us updated; enjoy your stay with your lovely family!

    Bisous, Anita

    • Chère Anita. Très heureuse de t’avoir fait rêver et voyager pendant quelques minutes. Ton jardin m’a l’air tout à fait accueillant. Quant à ton menu du soir: Miam! On en mangerait… Bon été à toi. J’espère que tu profites bien de ton cours de poésie. A bientôt!

  4. Hello Veronique

    Lovely to see you are back home and enjoying all that France is offering. Your accommodation in Nice sounds marvelous. I love the image of your sons and their grandmother. Continued joy as you explore and retrace your steps

    Helen xx

    • Merci Helen. The best part about this trip is that we get to spend time with family (and even, on occasion,) with friends. Another wonderful perk is to be able to explore old and new places and to return to fabulous cities. How I love cities! Hope Florida is treating you well. Nice felt a little bit like Florida yesterday: It was so hot and humid– but no bugs! 🙂

  5. Oh, what a wonderful post, my friend. I’ve vicariously traveled along with you…..your words and images make me smile. How I long to return to Paris for another visit, and La Côte d’Azur…….I’m a touch envious! Think of me as you wander the Monday antique market. ‘-)
    ~ Sarah

    • Dearest Sarah. Merci for your generous comment. I will, indeed, think of you later on this morning as I peruse the wares at the cours Saleya. I will not be able to buy anything, as our bags are heavy enough right now, but looking has never hurt anyone 🙂 I hope Texas is not too hot (but fear it probably is…) A bientôt.

  6. Dearest Véronique,
    What a lovely post… Those bikers made me feel almost at home. The Netherlands has so many bikes and it such a usual sight but not here in the USA.
    Enjoy your time together. Junior is growing up and he looks very happy so you have passed down your passion-genes for La France!

    • Dearest Mariette. Thank you for stopping by. Junior is, indeed, growing up fast. He is as tall as I am, and will be taller before the end of the year. He is a good traveler, very interested in France and the French culture. He will start studying French for the first time in the fall and seems excited about it. He knows he needs to be able to read and write it as well as he speaks it to become truly bilingual one day. A bientôt, dear friend. Say “Howdy!” to Georgia for me.

  7. Vive La France aujourd’hui et toujours!! Beautiful photos, chere Veronique…so glad you are having a magical holiday!
    A dear friend of mine is heading to Nice next week….you lucky ladies!! 🙂
    – irina

    • Merci Irina. Your friend is a lucky lady indeed. She will be very hot here, in Nice, for a few days. That is for sure. But I would never complain. I will take the heat of the Mediterranean coast any day, over life in the Northern latitudes… It is so beautiful here, by the Big Blue! 🙂

    • Well, you certainly know this area pretty well by now, don’t you? Had dinner at la Tavola, Cours Saleya, last night. I don’t like pizza much, but the wood-fired oven pizza they make here is simply to good to pass. Ah, that thin crust! Hope summer is treating you well, wherever you may be.

    • But of course I am, Jackie. Seattle is always at her best when I am away… Nice has outdone herself. It is very HOT here, but I am not complaining. I will have Nice in any weather, for better and for worse. That is what true love is 🙂

  8. Great to read your news Veronique and hear how wonderful your holiday has been so far. And now you are in your beloved Nice – life is good for you. I look forward to reading much more.
    By the way, I especially like the view from your Paris hotel room.

    • Bonjour Craig. Just saw your post about old Boris feeling like a youngster again in the warm weather. So happy for him, and for you!

      Yes, i am happy to be back in my beloved Nice. When I saw my friend Mary earlier, I involuntarily said: “Je suis rentrée samedi soir,” instead of “Je suis arrivée samedi soir.” — Un lapsus révélateur, as the French say… A bientôt!

  9. Coucou ma chère Véronique,
    De retour après une éternité – passée à développer ma ligne de foulards en soie made in France bien sûr…
    Toujours le même plaisir à lire tes blogs et à voir tes superbes photos. quel bonheur que cette bouffée de France (sous le soleil. Wow!). Tu me donnes envie de prendre un billet pour la France tout de suite 😉
    Savoure ton séjour. Et rapporte nous quelques photos sympas du marché de Nice.
    Bisous d’une revenante,

    • Merci de passer me dire Bonjour, Anne. Quel plaisir d’avoir de tes nouvelles… Félicitations pour le lancemement de ta collection. Les carrés Hermès n’ont qu’à bien se tenir! Je passe au marché Saleya tous les matins car notre appar’ est à deux pas. Toujours un plaisir. J’essaye d’y arriver avant les foules estivales, et je m’installe en terrasse pour prendre le petit déjeuner, mon panier rempli de produits frais à mes pieds. Bon été à toi et toute ta petite famille!

  10. I’ve always found French waiters to be quite flirtatious, not rude at all. Love the affiche du jogging!!!! So French in so many ways! Have a lovely vacation.

  11. Effectivement, la Parisienne en vélo… :o)
    Là, dans tes photos, je me ressource en regardant Londres, que c’est beau sous le ciel bleu !
    Le reste , Paris, Nice c’est la routine.. :o))(joke)
    Quel plaisir de pouvoir te dire “A demain! “

    • Eh oui, c’est difficile d’éviter la routine pour les photos à Nice ou à Paris– quoique… Je suis assez fière de la photo avec le message à l’attention des joggers! 🙂 Only in France… Moi aussi, je suis ravie de pouvoir te dire: “A demain!”

    • Excellent weather, and so, so hot, Michel! This morning is a bit wee overcast and everyone breathed a sigh of relief 🙂 Such is life in Nice… Enjoying every precious minute of my time here. Hope summer is going well for you as well…

  12. Wow, you visited my two favourite cities in Europe. Next time, I will spend more time in Notting Hill, London. I love Chelsea in London. The townhouses there are so pretty and super expensive. So I just daydream! Paris is another enchanting City. Lots to discover and eat! Again, amazing photos Veronique.

    • Thank you Pamela. I used to go to London quite often when I still lived in Europe. I love it even more now. London has turned into such an amazing, modern city. It is serious competition for Paris. I am glad I get to go to both capitals and enjoy them. How I love those big cities. Come back soon…

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48 Responses to A Mexican Getaway (Puerto Vallarta, Part 2)

  1. Tu avais largement de quoi faire trois posts, un sur les Burton, un sur l’ecole, et le dernier sur les chiens.Les trois parties sont riches, interessantes, dures à commenter en quelques lignes . Ah ,pouvoir discuter avec toi de vive voix, te poser toutes les questions sur tes rencontres, les lieux visités,, parler cinema..En résumé, tu as passé des vacances belles,et enrichissantes humainement et emotionellement, et qui donnent envie.ET en plus, j’adore ton chihuahua!:o)

    • Tu as raison Malyss. J’aurais pu faire durer un peu ma serie sur Puerto Vallarta, et puisque tu parles d’echanger de vive voix, il est question que je passe par Nice fin juin. Je te ferai signe, bien entendu!

  2. What a great post! As I shared before, we have been to Puerto Vallarta but had no idea about the connection the town has to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I enjoyed the pictures of the school and children too. Have a great week.

  3. This was transfixing, Veronique. A very heartfelt, generous, enchanting POV from many angles–from International celebs to fleabag pooches. What a marvelous journey to a fabulous place! Thanks for taking us along!

  4. Hola Veronique! Thanks for taking me back to PV – we actually stayed at the Hacienda San Angel last year — our friends got married there, it was absolutley a dream, and I’ll have to pop over to read Suzanne’s story.

    Being there for a wedding celebration was a lot different than your experience, and I appreciate seeing the other side of life there. Thanks for telling us about your scholarship experience. And the dogs, they melted my heart, as well. XO

    • You lucky dog! I would love to stay at the Hacienda San Angel one day. Maybe I will have to splurge for one night during our next visit. I can’t wait to see my old friends the Puerto Vallarta pooches again 😉

  5. What wonderful experiences you have had! Seeing local life and getting to know the locals always leads to a richer experience, I think. I too am a big dog lover…love your photos (and the one you brought home!) 🙂

  6. What a cool souvenir(ceramic chihuahua) from this epic trip. Wonderful post. =) I didn’t know the story about Taylor and Burton…neat shot of you near the same bridge! What an experience it must have been to have visited this school. I know, I would have had a hard time going back to the resort too. Have a great week Veronique. =)

  7. Dearest Véronique,

    What a joy to read all this! I had no idea you came to study in Atlanta through Rotary. We do host each year with our east Georgia district, the GRSP = Georgia Rotary Student Programme where numerous students from around the world study one year at college. All paid for by Rotary and they do stay with a guest family on holidays. During the annual conferences they used to perform during the banquette evening. I remember one girl, no father, from east-east Russia who got in 2 days enough money for completing one more college year and they let her Mama come over for a visit. Brings tears to your eyes! So your trip was very special in that regard!!! Education is for Pieter and myself THE most important thing in life.
    Iguanas, oh we lived with them in Curaçao as well and the palm trees. Did you know that Saint Martin is half French and half Dutch; Sint Maarten? That is another island where we went twice before.
    You know that we only changed this plan last minute? We had tickets for 9 days to go to México, to visit with our boss/Friend Agustin and Carmen their new home in Puerto Escondido, the south west of México. For a penalty of $ 300.00 we flew instead to Curaçao due to the grave condition Agustin’s Father suddenly was in, health-wise…. It turned out to be a lovely vacation anyway and we were grateful that our 70,000 frequent flyer miles still got honored. Only the trip back was long, 15 hours from hotel to our home. That is also due to the fact that it was a frequent flyer mile ticket. But we made it, in bed by 3:00 AM and in a couple of days we will adjust to normal life again.
    Okay, as for the Blogger interface, I use the old one, as a pop-up so not all the photos and gadgets do have to load also. Saves time for those that want to comment.
    Love to you and as for the dogs, cute but during our many travels all through Mexico for work at the different locations, we noticed that there are many stray dogs…


    • Thank you for your visit and for your help with Blogger today. So you and your husband belong to the GRSP, the wonderful group of people who financed my college year abroad so many years ago. MERCI BEAUCOUP! There were only two French students chosen that year, and I was one of them! 😉 On another note, I am dying to see St Martin one day. I have heard a lot about it, and I am very curious to visit an island “with a dual personality!” 😉
      A bientot, Mariette.

  8. Chère Veronique,

    What a generous, animal loving, humanitarian you are, but I already knew all of that…

    Your journal of a vacation adventure was stunning and thought-provoking. Thanks for all the stories and insight to the other side of a vacation spot. I will hold these places in my heart.


    • Merci beaucoup Genie. I don’t know if I am a humanitarian, but I, and many other children and young people around the world, have already benefited from the generosity of wonderful organizations like the Rotary Club! I am glad I got to say “thank you” through this story. Visiting that small school surrounded by the jungle was one of the highlights of our trip.

    • Merci beaucoup miss b. Funny how the Burtons are long gone, but we all still love hearing or reading about them. They were a true celebrity couple (unlike some of the tramps making the news these days…)

  9. Thank you Veronique for taking us along for an unforgettable journey. Les boys won’t forget this visit to local school no doubt.
    And the story Burton/Taylor is full of action. I learned a lot from your post, I didn’t know this chapter of their turbulent life.
    It was a very fulfilling vacation and having seen the sidebar cities you had lived in, you’re a 5 Stars traveler.

    • Merci Natalie. There is so much to write about all the places where the famous Burtons lived their chaotic love stories! I know of at least three more, but I have heard Casa Kimberley was probably their favorite place to be. I certainly understand! 😉

  10. Fun post. We’ve never been to Puerto Vallarta, just San Miguel and Oaxaca – both beautiful areas. Thanks for taking us along with all the great photos and detailed dialog. Love my visits here. ~ Sarah

  11. How fascinating. A wonderful account of your trip and the history of Puerto Vallarta. I had no idea of the Burton’s and Huston’s involvement in the town’s past!

    Art by Karena

  12. Have you read Furious Love?! I think you would love it! It’s about Liz & Dick’s tumultuous romance. Puerto Vallarta is prominantly featured in it and includes the stories you mentioned here. I remember reading locals abhorred the couple, because they would have wild parties and drunken “orgies” that were incredibly loud and disrupt the peaceful village. (During the shooting of that movie, at least).

    I think it’s incredibly cool you got to go see the house and take a photo there. I’m envious! I’m sad that it is in such a state of disrepair! I wish someone would fix it up and perhaps turn it back into a museum…

    • That’s perfect Jenny. Furious Love has been added to my reading list 😉 I am guessing that La Liz and Dick spent a lot of time with other expats in PV and shocked the heck out of locals! I also heard that they had some ties with the community: They gave a lot of money to charities and even “adopted” a local boy who later traveled the world with them. He has become a renowned photographer. If I had the time and the Pesos, I would LOVE to refurbish Casa Kimberley and turn it into a bed and breakfast (next week’s story will explain why… ) Bye, friend.

  13. MA CHÈRE AMIE!!!

    Bonjour! Quel joli billet et souvenir de tes vacances! Tu sais, mon père est né au Mexique dans un petit village, fondé par ces ancêtres de l’Espagne…et lui, mon père n’a pas fini l’école. Il était très intelligent et doué de talents, mais notre culture ne permet pas à tous les enfants de finir leurs études.

    AHHHH! Nous avons beaucoup en commun!!! SUPER! Merci pour tes commentaires si enthusiastes et gentils Véronique! Et je te souhaite une année scolaire formidable. La mienne et fatiguante!!!!


    • Bonjour Anita. Quelle coïncidence. Je ne savais pas que ton papa était mexicain! Je compte retourner au Mexique très bientôt. C’est vraiment un beau pays! En attendant, bon courage à l’école. Mes élèves sont un peu plus calmes que les tiens: ce sont des adultes! 😉

  14. I enjoyed your post about Puerto Vallarta. We had a lovely visit to nearby Punta Mita last year for a friend’s wedding.

    I also have a Rotary connection – many years ago, I was one of their summer exchange students. I requested France, but was given Finland instead. Although I was initially disappointed, I made lifelong friends in Finland and even hosted my friend’s daughter as an exchange student last year. And I eventually made it to Rouen, France as a college exchange student. Some things take time!

    Loved the dog pictures – they are everywhere in Mexico!

    • Bonjour Erika. It is a small world, isn’t it? I had no idea you were a former Rotary scholar as well. Glad you made it to France, eventually 😉 The life-long friendships that come out of international exchanges enrich our lives and make the world a better place. Don’t you think living in a foreign country (preferably with locals) should be a requirement for all college students?

  15. What a brilliant holiday, what wonderful story about the very glamorous Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, what passion they had! I remember seeing John Houston when we took David and Aimee on a trip to Dunk Island which is just off the NE coast on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef ( was such a fabulous place back then, a very non commercialized tropical island. J’adored your pictures of the local dog population, how anyone cannot love dogs (and animals in general) I don’t know. I think this was a very rewarding trip for your whole family Veronique, always a good thing.

    • Welcome back Grace. I read your message too fast and thought you had seen John Huston on “DRUNK Island” 😉 It did not even surprise me at first, and that says a lot about his reputation. No wonder he was good friends with the Burtons! As for the Puerto Vallarta dogs, I wish I could have brought them home with me. It would have been impossible to choose, even though I must confess the sight of the beat-up rescue pit-bull (the mellowest of them all) brought tears to my eyes. May he enjoy a long, peaceful life (and I will keep to myself what I wish for the jerks who put him in the fighting ring in the first place.)
      Bon weekend!

  16. Hello Veronique

    I enjoyed this post very much and will be reading your previous post shortly. Travel is not wasted on you!!! You travel with eyes wide open. You observe and refrain from judging. Wonderful and how beautiful that you left Puerta Vallarta better than when you found it.

    You are a wonderful ambassador for America and France. Bravo!!!

    Helen xx

    • Well… I do not know what to say (an unusual occurrence for me, as my friends could attest 😉 Merci beaucoup Helen. I do enjoy traveling and learning new things along the way. I am grateful that this visit to Mexico offered so many opportunities to do so! Bon weekend (and good luck with the painting “stealth operation”!)

  17. Chere Veronique,
    I’ve finally had the chance to sit quietly and catch up on my favorite thing, blog reading. And I’m so happy to have read this post without distractions. I love the story of the pink bridge. It sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? I’ll tell P-Daddy.
    But my favorite part was your visit to the Mexican school. I would love to start an international pen pal group so that children can learn and see the differences around the world and feel appreciative and grateful for the resources and opportunities that not every one is given. Is there danger in PV like in other places in Mexico at this time? As a Texan who doesn’t like walls and fences I feel for my neighboring country and its people. It makes me want to cry to think of the lost chances and opportunities in all those lives. Beautiful post. What a perfect lesson for Junior and his friend. And for the rest of us too.

  18. Visiting a Mexical school is the part of your post that absorbed me the most. I don’t know very much about life in that country, but learning about different lifestyles is one of the most important aspects of my life. I’m very proud that you made an international pen-pal group part of your family activities.

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59 Responses to A Mexican Getaway (Puerto Vallarta, Part 1)

  1. Veronique,
    This was a delightful first installment. I loved it! Three things I’ll take away:
    1-your son zip lining upside down. c’est cool!
    2-the incredible violets and pinks in that one sunset photo-stunning
    3-le husband is tres fit!
    and one extra
    4-i think you’re fabulous and can’t wait for the next pv post.

    aidan xo

  2. You must have had such a wonderful time in that glorious warm weather! I have only been there once and it was a long time ago. I love the older architecture – I too would love walking around exploring back alleys and watching people~
    Glad you are home,

  3. Wonderful post. Love the sunset pic and tranquility.
    And with all those uber elegant white and grey kitchens flooded the blogosphere and Pinterest the orange kitchen is a color relief, simply fab! Love it.
    I’m craving a ceramic shopping while my les boys would have their boys’ fun.
    Congratulations on Artist Oscars!

    • Bonjour Natalie. Thank you for stopping by. I agree with you the “minimalist look” is ok for a while, but I do enjoy bright colors at home. Could not bring that gorgeous kitchen back with me, but that little ceramic Chihuaha brightens up my kitchen countertop now 😉

  4. We went to a wedding in PV last May and loved it – our hotel and the site of the wedding was just up the hill from Our Lady of Guadeloupe, so we had that lovely spire in our sites much of the time. Glad you had such a wonderful trip, and congratulation to Uggie and all his Artist cast-mates!

    • Bonjour Jeanne. I would love to stay downtown for a couple of nights next time I visit. We were in Nuevo Vallarta, the “posh” new suburb where many resorts are located now. It was lovely, but I could not walk to town, and that was a bit frustrating.

    • Ah. La Casa Kimberley. That’s for the next post. It is not open to the public anymore, sadly, and in bad state of disrepair, but with a little bit of imagination, one can still picture Liz and Richard, hanging out in Puerto Vallarta with their friends…

  5. Veronique, I cannot wait to hear about the rest of your trip. If I’m being honest, I’ve never had the desire to go to Mexico, but this post and those lovely photos changed all that! It looks beautiful, relaxing, and colorful!! It sounds like everyone had a fabulous time! Hopefully you have come back refreshed and well-rested. Can’t wait to hear (and see!) more details of the trip!

    • Bonjour Katelyn. In my [limited] experience, Mexico is a beautiful and friendly country. Unfortunately, several regions are plagued by drug-related violence. Puerto Vallarta is not one of them, thankfully. I always felt safe there, and used common sense whenever I walked around on my own. This applies to all cities around the world. I would go back in a heartbeat. There is so much to see, and learn there.

  6. Words cannot describe how envious I am of you right now. LOL! What a perfect vacation. It sounds like your family had a blast and these photos are stunning. I’ve never been to Mexico. I hope to change that some day!

    • Well, you can save up a bit and fly there. Mexico is still relatively cheaper than other destinations, especially if you go outside of the busy tourist season. I heard prices drop drastically in the summer. Something to keep in mind. I can already see Jennifer Fabulous walking along the Malecon! 😉

  7. Oh boy ! Looks like a wonderful place to have a wonderful time, which evidently you did… can’t wait to see part two, and good to know it is still possible to travel to Mexico without gettting caught up in the narco wars…

    And EXCELLENT news for The Artist, we loved it, la Grenouille and I…

    • Bonjour Owen. Thank you for your visit, Monsieur Toad. Yes, it is still safe in PV (see my comment to Katelyn, above.) Truth be told, we heard a bus carrying cruise passengers had been highjacked the day before we left. They were unharmed but all their possessions were stolen. Sad, but this won’t stop me from going back. The police is everywhere in PV and I take this as a sure sign they intend to keep the place free of drug-related violence.

  8. Interesting.. not surprised to hear this as the home was open to anybody and tourists were touching things. I have a picture of myself on Elizabeth T. bed.

    Thanks for visiting me today! My daughter speaks French very well and is studying accounting and french at UW. My husband and I will be visiting Paris at the end of June to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Looking forward to that – our first time!

    • You will love Paris, Leslie. Is your daughter tagging along as your interpreter? — I would love to see pics of Casa K. Could you email me a couple? I promise not to publish them. I would love to take a peek though 😉

  9. Hum, rien qu’à voir les images, je me sens en vacances!Quel curieux melange, au fil des decouvertes , on se sent à Cuba, en Espagne, puis en Méditerranée. . Ce qui est sur, ce que c’est Muy caliente!Chaud, coloré, vivant!J’ai hâte de voir la suite! surtout que je me demandais de quel film tu parlais. La nuit de l’iguane?..
    A lundi prochain!

    • Bonjour Malyss. Il ne faisait pas si chaud que ca, environ 25 ou 27. C’est une ville tres changeante, coloree et vivante. En temps qu’Europeen (et mediterraneen) on s’y sent bien… Et pour le film, oui, tu as devine (et il y a une histoire sympa autour, bien entendu 😉

  10. I love your French twist on a delightful holiday. Such fun seeing your family. I love getting to meet the families of my dear blog friends. And a good time was had by all!

  11. Bravo et merci, Véronique! Tu sais nous émerveiller, nous donner l’eau à la bouche, par tes récits et tes belles photos.
    Et cette région que je ne connaîtrai probablement jamais, me donne pourtant bien envie de la découvrir!

  12. I love a holiday destination where there is something for everyone and PV sounds like one of those places! Bali was like that for us when David and Aimee were young, but we haven’t been there for years now, after the Bali bombing it never felt safe anymore. Thankfully Aimee loves Paris as much as I do! Looking forward to part two Veronique see you next Sunday.

  13. Well, Véronique, I’ll certainly be back for more – same time, same place next week. I loved this post – what a wonderful holiday – so much more than a beach! Places like this are the perfect holiday spot for me – sun, vibrant colours, beautiful buildings and of course margaritas…
    A bientôt!

    • Bonjour miss b. I tend to stay away from destinations that offer “just a beach.” Call me picky, but since I am not a sun worshipper, I’d rather walk around and explore rather than lay in the sun all day. Puerto Vallarta enabled me to do just that. Lovely place. Bonne semaine!

  14. Ummm you’re having a little bit too much fun. I’m officially jealous. 😉 Looks like and sounded like a blast. No picture of the ceramic Chihuahua? I’m looking forward to next week Veronique. Have a fantastic week! =)

  15. Enjoyed going along on the spectacularly colorful visit with you & your family to PV. Gorgeous pix! My child on a zip-line would make me need a Margarita, too 😉 Looks like he and Dad had a terrific time. Was also thrilled for ‘The Artist’ win. What an entirely fabulous story…and a lovely mid-winter boost for La Belle France! Look forward to the next installment!

  16. Oh my goodness Veronique! I too visited Prt Vallarta recently – just this past October. I loved it so much. It actually reminded me a bit of France because of the cobble stone streets. It was like a tropical European San Francisco to me. We visited a small art school while there, and I loved it. I’m so happy to see that you had a wonderful time!


  17. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. We spent a week in Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago and loved every minute of our time there. I was struck by the seaside location and wealth but how seemingly just a few blocks away was the jungle and immense poverty. We missed out on the zip lining and will have to add that to our itinerary next time.

    • Welcome chez French Girl in Seattle! I agree with you on the topic of “colliding worlds” in PV. Everytime we left our [admittedly extravagant] resort, I was fascinated to see how quickly the “real” PV caught up with us. Come back next week as I am taking my readers on a trip in a poor neighborhood South of town…

  18. I just could not stop reading and scrolling, and by the time I finished, I had forgotten about fixing that beverage – rats!

    Love your photos and the tour of PV. I did some pretty exciting ziplines at Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. Out of the 8 of us taking the tram to the top, only my sister and I really “jumped.” Too funny, but we did scream like little girls on that first plunge 700 feet over the rainforest – eeeeeeeek!


  19. Great post – are you working for the Puerto Vallarta Tourist Board?
    Loved your “note to visitors” and I could certainly do with a margarita or 4 ……..
    I will definitely meet “you here next week; same day; same place; same time”………… and from memory…………….. “same bat channel”. (Now that’s telling my age!)

  20. Welcome back Elizabeth. I imagine it would be rather easy to work for the PV Tourist Board 😉 Hope you are “hanging in there” while renovating your “French Folly!” — It will all be worth it, in the end. See you next week.

  21. Your Mexican holidays look lovely. Thank you for sharing some of them with us. I especially liked the photo where the boy appears to be flying through the air 🙂

  22. Bonjour Véronique. I am also happy you found my Blog. We do have a great deal in common, including the fact that I, too, spent many years teaching French to adults and loved every minute of it.

    I will be “Following” your Blog as well. Let’s do keep in touch. You can e-mail me “en direct” any time.

    Your son is adorable and the pictures on your blog are beautiful. Le Husband is very talend.

    I really love your profile picture. Very French.

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8 Responses to London, I have missed you so! (Europe ’11 – #1)

  1. London is one of my favorite cities (definitely in the top 3 I think). I always forget how big it is; there is so much to see and so much to do, but it looks like you got quite a bit covered.
    And I have a picture of myself in front of that Peter Pan statue from when I was a little girl 🙂

  2. I so enjoyed your travelog of London – it brought back great memories of my trip there with Heather. Such a wonderful city, I’m hoping Steve and I go next year. I’m glad you are all having such a great time. Bonne chance!

  3. sadly this is one city i have not yet been blessed to visit…soon i hope! although, i felt i had a personal peek into her vibe from your wonderful details. hailing from philadelphia, our city is very similar to that of london…our founding fathers had something to do with that…our squares, our parks, our row homes all very english in style.

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