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14 Responses to A quick Bonjour and a Giveaway…

  1. I was laughing out loud when I saw the John Stewart clip you posted earlier on Facebook. I miss french movies so much, particularly the good ones; I hope someone will jump on the opportunity to get your tickets.
    I think you meant to write March 2 and not December 2. Am I wrong?

    • I tell you, Nadège. If Jon Stewart lived in France, they would give him the Legion of Honor (or would send him away to la Bastille… uhhh… to a faraway island…)

      I miss French movies too, but am very fortunate to receive the best French releases sent by my wonderful relatives twice a year; and I also subscribe to TV5 Monde. Sometimes, they get really good ones.

  2. OMG, that John Stewart clip cracked me up – and it is so true, isn’t it? I quite don’t understand why they bother so much about stuff like this here in the States, it is so not important.
    I miss European movies – French, German, Italian, Scandinavian. There is such a rich movie culture here that we never hear about in the States. Same with books…

    • Dear Carola. They bother about “stuff like that,” all over the place, not just in the US. France is no exception. Apparently the “dumbing down of the Western World,” has already started, with the help of international media. Sad. But we can count on Jon Stewart to keep us all on our toes when we need it the most 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard about those movies in France! I’m not sure that the idea of “Jewish” movies would be accepted here. A movie is a movie , no matter who made it.
    About the presidential trip, all is said in your first pic : the guy is too small, as well inside than outside..:o)
    Hope someone will win the tickets!
    Bises et bonne semaine!

    • Bonjour Marie. Film Festivals in the US often have a theme: Jewish movies; independent movies; French movies and so forth. France does that too: American Film Festival in Deauville, for example.

      I see the French president still has not grown on you. He probably never will 🙂

  4. I chuckled when I read your caption below the first photo! Michelle Obama certainly looks stunning in the rich cobalt blue and black gown. As for the Giveaway, what a pity I live so far away! I would have been delighted to watch either one of these French films. Tant pis! I shall have to see if I can get them on DVD.

    • Bonjour miss b. Oui, Michelle Obama était superbe. The Obamas are a truly elegant couple.

      I am not sure who is going to win the free tickets. I know most of my Followers are not from Seattle… Wait and see… Ok. Heading over to your blog now to see what you have been up to 🙂

  5. Well, now that the matter has been discussed in depth (and more) around the world, I hope we can all move on with our lives and start focusing on other topics. After all, there ARE more important things happening even in my neighborhood, or yours, I am certain. 🙂

  6. Haha! The Jon Stewart vid. was great! Had me in stitches. They made such a big deal about it. I’ve gone to the movie by myself and I got so much grief for it. Lol I’m due to watch a French film. 🙂 Maybe you can give us some advice on which ones.:)

  7. What a wonderful give-a-way . . . and congratulations to whoever may become the lucky winner 🙂
    I haven’t visited in quite a while and just wanted to stop by and see how my Seattle bound french girl was doing. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year in Seattle. Steve and I will be celebrating your 38th anniversary on April 2nd . . . we honeymooned in Seattle and it was so lovely 🙂
    Here’s hoping that you will be posting some sailing photos soon and that your weather is sunny and warm.
    Keep Smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie 🙂
    P.S. this is not a request to enter the give-a-way . . . we may not make it back over the mountains for another year or so. I just wanted to say “Hi!”

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