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Mon ami Harry Potter

Mon ami Harry Potter

Introduction: Fact 1: I am, indeed, a lucky French Girl. A heartfelt “merci” to all of you, for the messages you sent following last week’s story. Fact 2: If you do not like/get/care to hear about… the magical world of Harry Potter, skip this story. It is choke full of references and private jokes seulement…

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  1. Your love for Harry Potter certainly shines through in your wonderfully detailed post and the lovely photo of Junior’s 6th birthday party really captures his excitement too. The attention to detail in the Warner Bros tour is absolutely incredible and I had no idea that it included so much and full size sets too. The ice structure and the model of Hogwarts are stunning. They obviously employed the very best craftpeople. I would certainly enjoy finding out about the movie-making secrets too. I’m sure you couldn’t resist a treat in the gift shop!

  2. Troooooooooooooooooooooooop bien, trop bon, trop génial!!
    Comme je plains les pauvres Moldus qui sont passés à côté d’harry Potter..
    Si tout va bien, dans un mois j’y suis !Croisons les doigts très, très fort!

    • Troooooooop bien en effet, et dans quelques semaines, ce sera ton tour d’aller rendre visite à Harry et tous ses copains. J’ai utilisé l’agence de voyage Goldentours je crois. C’était très bien organisé. Seul problème: L’heure de retour est fixe et tu n’as “que” trois heures sur place.

  3. YOU have left me in a state of wonder. Though I have only seen the movie once, I can see the draw with the enchanting scenery, the magic, TOUT!!! And it is a grand pleasure to see you again mon amie; tu t’es vraiment amusée cet été! Alors, tu es prête pour la rentrée? Anita

    • Merci Anita. Je me prépare tout doucement pour la rentrée. Avec les cours particuliers, c’est un peu compliqué: il faut que tout le monde soit disponible, et qu’on trouve “un créneau” pour chaque étudiant. J’ai de grands projets pour l’année qui s’annonce. Je te raconterai tout ça plus tard. Bon courage pour la reprise de ton côté!

  4. v I am not a harry fan I never read the books or viewed the movies- but this was an excellent post the details goodness you need a week to look and dissect it all thank you for the tour-

    • You’re welcome g. Too bad you have not been introduced to the world of Harry Potter. You are so passionate about things (and people,) and you have empathy. I think you would enjoy that great story! Hugs to you.

  5. Oh, thank you for this journey! I don’t know if we will make it to London in the near future, and although the Orlando amusement park is much closer I don’t think it’s quite the same thing…

  6. Well I’ve just shared this post with Aimee and she has asked me to relay to you this message….I’M SOOOO JEALOUS!! I would say she is without doubt as huge a ‘Potterphile’ as yourself Veronique :).

  7. Un petit coucou du soir (ici).
    Your blog is always such a pleasure to read, dear Véronique! And thanks to you, I learned something new about Florida. I didn’t know Harry and his friends were featured in Orlando. Shame on the “Potterphile” I am.
    On my list… when I have time.
    I hope all is fine for you.
    Hugs from the West Coast,

    • What??? Even if you don’t know, your kids must have heard of it! 🙂 And you are a Potterphile too. I tell you what: This is a great idea of a new design for your beautiful silk scarves. A Harry Potter edition for Christmas. Approach Warner Bros. If they decide to sell it in their stores, you can retire right now 🙂 Bonne chance, Anne.

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