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Panne d’inspiration… (Lacking inspiration…)

Panne d’inspiration… (Lacking inspiration…)

Petite fille, Rueil Malmaison Ah, the places I’ve been. The stories I could tell. The photos I could post. Dommage. Panne d’inspiration. Lacking inspiration.  We returned from our most excellent adventure a week ago. I have thought several times about writing a new story. The poor blog has been a tad neglected on this trip……

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  1. I loved tagging on for a few places of your holiday Veronique. What a fabulous trip – I’d be feeling a little low after going home after all that.
    Wonderful photos – my favourite being the “bums on scooters”!
    The cow is very sweet too.

  2. Oui, c’est vraiment ballot cette panne d’inspiration.. Quand je pense que tu aurais pu nous montrer où tu es allée, ce que tu as fait.Mais non, Madame fait son ménage!:o)
    (J’espère au moins que ça t’a défoulée!)
    La prochaine fois que tu vas chez ton amie , fais une grosse papouille de ma part à Calliope , que je trouve adorable!
    Ici, toujours la canicule..
    gros bisous !

    • Absolument. Ca m’a fait du bien. “Out with the old,” comme disent nos amis Ricains.

      Je suis contente que Calliope te plaise. C’est vrai qu’elle est chou, mais un peu ronde. Ils essaient de lui faire perdre du poids en vitesse. Une vache au régime. C’est à voir! 🙂 — Bisous ma grande.

  3. I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve just enjoyed reading Part 1,2 and all of your travel stories Veronique. Its pouring with rain outside here in Perth, its lovely and cosy inside, a cup of coffee and such beautiful pictures of London, Nice et Paris (Spain also oui) ..What a wonderful trip you have had and how brilliant to share it with your Mum and Dad, I miss mine so much. All I can say is if these are the kinds of posts you do when you’re uninspired .oh la! We’d better hold onto our hats 🙂 merci beaucoup..

    • Well thank you very much Grace. I had forgotten it was winter in your neck of the woods. The world is an interesting place… Our winter will come soon enough. As you pointed out, one of the highlights was the time we spent with family during the trip. It was heartwarming to see Alec with my parents, and his cousins. Good times.


    Véronique ma belle, bienvenue! Tu m’as manqué terriblement! Je me demandais où tu étais en France, et te voilà! Tes photos montrent un tas d’inspiration pour nous autres qui songent de ton pays natal….merci! Alors, es-tu prête pour l’année scolaire? MOI NON PLUS!!!!!

    BISOUS, Anita

    • Ha! Il faut blen plaisanter un peu, Anita 🙂

      J’espère que ton été se déroule du mieux possible. Es-tu toujours en classe pour ton cours de poésie?

      Je ne suis pas prête pour la Rentrée, mais ça viendra… Bisous ma grande.

  5. It is the summer doldrums. . .way too much sun for us to comprehend. I’m having the same ‘lack of. . .’ for my blog as well. But you are back. The sun is out. Somewhere two glasses of rose have our names on them and are waiting for us to meet and drink them. Check your calendar. . .lets start planning a rendezvous.

  6. v this was great….maybe just re-entry let down-after vacation depression-my own made up diagnosis-I know exactly what you are saying- I admire the clean out-especially with no distractions-new start to the fall….chin up move forward- out with the old- in with the new-making room for new DREAMS-new adventures-new experiences-wishing you ALL good things and peace of heart and spirit!!! with love-g

  7. Ouf, what a post full of constructed superiority ( really, dismissing snacking on sandwiches when someone we know rushes to macdo first thing when back in the us? ), typical french arrogance and suburban syndrome of consumerism ( instead of talking about how invigorating it fells to dump stuff at goodwill, let’s talk about how invigorating it would feel not to buy the witch, candy bowl and all the other chic and trendy stuff! ). We can see la panne d’inspiration, without any doubt, french girl in seattle. Disappointing! Hoping for better times and posts! A la votre! Anna, Versailles

    • Dear Anna in Versailles.

      It is not often I see negative comments on this blog. Congratulations. You are the first one I have received in a long, long time.

      First, I would like to say that in spite of the photos I post and stories I tell, do not presume to know me, or my life. I am happy to share these stories with my readers and friends in the [usually] friendly French Girl in Seattle’s community because we all have a good time together.

      Second, do not be surprised I *consume* or eat chez McDo once in a while… I live in the United States after all. When in Rome… I feel I have to defend the big fat witch in my car trunk. She has been well loved and entertained my son and his classmates for years on Halloween. I went to Goodwill so she would find a new good home.

      As for my joke about the tourists in Versailles, I was not making fun of the sandwiches. I enjoyed many myself during the trip. You may remember the photo of the jambon-beurre I posted while I had a picnic by the Grand Canal. The difference between me and the tourists on the photo, is that I sat in a designated area in the grass (like most visitors,) instead of camping out on the doorsteps of the Château, in full view of all other visitors. It must be my French superiority indeed. I go to a place like Versailles, I like to see it treated with respect.

      FInally, French Girl in Seattle is just a fun little blog. Life is hard enough, and I feel for people who go through it without a sense of humor.

      Do not bother replying to this message. I will likely not reply or publish it. Ooops. Feeling all superior again. Editorial freedom and all. Bonne journée!

    • I AM OUTRAGED AT THIS COMMENT V -I REPLIED BEFORE READING THIS,,i admire you for even publishing this stuff-you know I am a constant faithful reader since the beginning and currently- sometimeS commenter-THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! my advice to anna go take your extreme superiority and judgement elsewhere or better yet if you do not have something nice to say DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL– all the negative things enumerated do not reflect you this community or even the subject matter-this has really REALLY ANGERED ME!!!!!!!

    • There, there, my dear g. I am sure Anna has not been around for long. If she knew this blog – and the community who follows it – she would know we like to keep things light and fun here, and tend to joke around quite a bit. Maybe Anna woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Or maybe too many tourists have been eating their sandwiches on her Versailles doorstep this summer? 🙂 Big hugs to you, my dear friend.

    • You’re welcome V. You need to get out to Versailles next time you visit Paris. Just don’t eat your sandwich sitting on a statue of the Sun King or on the Château’s front steps, and we will remain good friends (see comment above!) 🙂

      Hugs to you and Meeps.

    • Merci Michel. As for inspiration, you know what they say: It’s a bit like the appetite: “Il vient en mangeant…” (It comes while you eat…) This post may have started slow, and meandered like a lazy river for a while, but it finished strong. I like that. Thank you for your support, as always.

    • My dear Sandy. Thank you for stopping by. I am too busy to miss my boy. He is having fun out on the water, and that is all that matters. As for me, how pleasant to follow my own schedule without interruptions. I know you understand 🙂

  8. Well, well, well. Clearly it takes all kinds, and I know exactly which kind I’d like taken. Your “typically French” sense of diplomacy (They invented it!) was beautifully on display in your response to Anna in Versailles. Bravo!

    Enough about that…………

    En panne d’inspiration? J’ai vraiment du mâl à le croire.

    A la semaine prochaine, ma chère Véro,

    Big bisous, M-T

    • Bon d’accord, j’avais peut-être quand même un peu d’inspiration… Elle est venue en regardant les photos, en fait.

      Oui, à la semaine prochaine. J’essaierai de ne pas être trop diplomate quand même. Mes amis me préfèrent un peu plus directe je crois (ou peut-être pas…) 🙂

      Je m’occupe du restau. Ce sera très sympa de vous revoir tous les deux. Bisous et bon voyage!

  9. Dearest Véronique,
    Lovely post with the exact mix of melancholy that one lives with for quite a while when having visited the Old World.
    When you say to the ‘dumping station’, I do hope that indicates for it to be recycled and/or used.
    Oh, l’orangerie… and entire Versailles is a must see. I’ve been several times, once I took my Parents along. The fact that so many paid with their life for digging out that swamp is shocking though. Like you wrote about ‘a BIG EGO’… Sad.
    So glad you had again great experiences together with Junior and your family.
    Hugs to you,

    • You are right Mariette, it is best not to focus on the lives (and money) it took to build a place like Versailles. Even so, it is difficult not to be impressed when one stands in front of the main building, while looking down at the gardens and Grand Canal. A unique place, that, according to my guidebook, is still the reference for châteaux everywhere. The Sun King knew he would not be forgotten after giving the world such an incredible place… Thank you for your visit, as always!

  10. Bonjor Veronique,
    I know that feeling!
    It hits me with a thump when ever I return from a trip and although I adore my family and friends and know how very fortunate I am, there is still a longing that invades my “real life” day to day existence and unsettles me for a while …
    Start planning the next adventure I say!
    You have reminded me that my cupboards could also do with a “Spring” clean …
    Wishing you sunny days in Seattle from Joanna in wintry Perth,

    • Bonjour Joanna. Thank you for stopping by chez Moi.
      I am glad you understand how I feel… Funny you should mention planning a new adventure. I have been thinking exactly the same thing 🙂
      Stay warm in Perth. I will have to come and visit Australia one day… A bientôt.

  11. Welcome back, Véronique! I thoroughly enjoyed following along on your Europe trip and I was delighted when I spotted your new post. Panne d’inspiration – well I’d say there’s plenty here! Your favourite breakfast place in Nice looks wonderful and how I wish we had had the time to vist Versailles again during our recent Paris trip (I’ve been several times but not for years) Your photo of the gardens is stunning! The Dali Museum is already on my list – I know we would find it fascinating. It’s three weeks since we arrived back from Vietnam and once home, for some reason, I had a sudden urge to have a clear out – trips to the charity shop and ‘spring’ cleaning. Great minds think alike! A bientôt!
    PS Great photo of you both in front of the Deuche! That must have been so much fun.

    • Bonjour miss b. Vietnam, eh? It sounds as if I have to catch up on my blog reading. I can’t wait to read about your adventures there.

      As for clearing out, I highly recommend it. One gets a strong feeling of achievement out of it… not to mention a whole lot of extra space! 🙂

      Happy end of [hot] summer in England! It has been my great pleasure to return to your beautiful country this summer.

  12. You almost got me there….this post takes me to inspiration and beyond! :))
    Thank you, chere Veronique, for sharing these gorgeous snapshots….and welcome home…
    Relax and enjoy your ME time…. :))
    That sweet vache is darling….and my daughter would go NUTS at the Harry Potter studio! I think I would get quite excited myself… 😉
    It is not easy coming back to “real life” after such a splendid trip….clearing out unused things is a great antidote, though….
    Fresh energy, if you will…
    Al the best…
    – Irina 🙂

    • Fresh energy indeed, Irina. And it will be needed in the fall, for several reasons. I have had a wonderful time during my “staycation,” and even though I am happy to see Junior again tomorrow, I am also a little sad to see it end…
      Take care.

  13. It is so good to look at Nice again – your photos are great. I think if I did not have family here in the States I would go and live in Nice – what a city!

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