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Merci, Charlie Hebdo

Merci, Charlie Hebdo

However hard I tried, when I sat down in front my keyboard this week, I just could not write about the Eiffel Tower, macarons, or the latest hipster coffee shop in Paris. Many lives (including mine) have been changed forever over the last ten days. Surely, everything has been said about the terrorist attacks in France. Is one…

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  1. They are now printing another 2 million copies bringing the total to 7 million copies and still it’s not available everywhere. They will continue printing so long as there is the demand apparently.

    • That’s wonderful news Jilly. I downloaded Wednesday’s issue on a special App sold on iTunes. I have read half of the issue already and tried to remain objective. My conclusion: It is quite good. I like that they included cartoons from their slain friends. Sadly, they are all still relevant. I was also impressed by the columns. Well written, well argumented, and at times, quite moving. I wish everyone who pontificates about Charlie Hebdo would give it a try, but many probably won’t. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Nice, very nice Veronique! Maybe you have to be French, or (as I) have lived for quite some time in France, to know something about French history… to really understand. The last couple of days, I have really appreciated to see how this has been followed up internationally, but I have also seen the different appreciations that are expressed, reflecting sometimes different views on freedom, censorship… (of course Fox News, to me, wins the prize of stupidity). Your “job”, living in the States, to defend and explain the French attitude is wonderful!

    • That’s me, Peter, the self-appointed defender of French Republican values, writing from my corner of American suburbia 🙂 Thank you for your excellent post this week. I saw in the Comment section it did not leave anyone indifferent. That is what happens when you try and discuss religion – or secularism. Good for you. I am experiencing media overload and am going to stop reading any article about Charlie Hebdo for at least a week. I said what I had to say, and so did you. Looking forward to meeting you in person, at long last, next time I visit Paris.

  3. Veronique–your words were both moving and touching. In our home, Vincent, is both devastated over the events, but, like you, he is incredibly proud of his home country’s men and women. He is upset, though, with some of our news media for incorrect information regarding some issues, but overall, the coverage has been fine. The French are strong and resilient and proud and will not allow this terrorist incident to make them back down. Thanks for the article!

  4. Excellent and well written post. You capture everything so well regarding this tragedy. Such a waste and so incredibly sad…

  5. I really enjoyed reading your post. It explains the French point of view very well and that is needed here. The pictures and video were well chosen. It was a great post – and we are all very sad.

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