La Boutique

Bienvenue dans ma boutique! 

This is a special place where I introduce French-themed, affordable, quality products bound to please your inner francophile. If I have not tried the product myself, I may purchase it for a friend or a family member, and have likely added it to my shopping list. Since 2010, I have managed the French Girl in Seattle blog and Facebook community in my spare time as a hobby, and the exclusive content I share has remained free. It is time for me to add “du beurre dans les épinards,” (some butter in my spinach.) In other words, I would love for French Girl in Seattle to start generating some income. In the spirit of full disclosure, if you click on a link in la Boutique or other sections of the FGIS website and you purchase a product, I may be earning a small commission via Affiliate Third Party sites like Amazon, or Etsy. The price remains the same to you, and you will still shop through established suppliers’ websites. Just consider this French Girl your personal shopper, doing the research work for you!

Stop by often: I update this page whenever I find new treasures. I hope you have as much fun doing some lèche-vitrine (window shopping) dans ma boutique, as I had selecting these items for you. We have four categories of products to choose from so far. They are listed below, under “French Home Essentials,” “My Favorite Books,” To Make your French Heart Smile,” and “Travel Essentials.” Click on each (blue) category or you might miss some products!

Merci, et à bientôt. Véronique