La Boutique


The 2018 Holiday gift selection gets revealed here on Saturday November 24!


Bienvenue dans ma boutique! 

This is a special place where I introduce French-themed, affordable, quality products bound to please your inner francophile. How does it work? It’s easy: I act as your personal shopper and find products on well-known websites you already use (Amazon, Etsy, Sur la Table, Nordstrom to name just a few.) As such, I get rewarded with a small commission on everything you buy. It won’t be enough to pay for that gorgeous Longchamp handbag I have had my eyes on; but it will help finance some of the espressos I will be enjoying in France en terrasse soon. The commission does not affect the price; and suppliers will ship products directly to you, as they always do. They also handle returns as part of their return policies.

The Holidays are around the corner. I am in the middle of planning my upcoming relocation to France, yet still spent a few hours on updating the Boutique gift selection. I hope you enjoy discovering all the great products I found for you, and the francophiles in your life.

There are four categories to shop from, highlighted in blue below, so make sure to visit each one so you don’t miss out:

French home essentials: You may not live in France, but if you did, it is likely you would own some of these.

My favorite books, posters and cards: I would not be French if I did not love la papéterie (stationery.) Yes, I still send hand-written notes and postcards. I will always choose paper over screens. Call me old-fashioned.

To make your French heart smile: You may not absolutely need these, but once you see them, you will want them (and that’s ok.) It’s been a long year; and you have worked hard. Reward yourself.

Travel essentials: The title says it all. If you travel once in a while, or on a regular basis, many products in this selection will come in handy. I know, because I own and use a lot of them myself. Who said travel gear has to be boring? My favorites are both attractive, well-priced and practical. If you have wondered what my favorite travel bags, shoes, or accessories were, you will find answers here.

One last note: I have been blogging and sharing information about France and French culture on this website, and daily, on Facebook and Instagram for many years, for free. As I prepare to start an exciting new chapter in France, I appreciate all your support. If you need Holiday gifts, please consider shopping here. Even if you don’t,  share this link with as many friends, in real life, or online, as you can. Thank you for continuing to support French Girl in Seattle. 

Merci, et à bientôt. Véronique