Made-in-France Christmas Gifts

Made-in-France Christmas Gifts



Thanksgiving is behind us. Tic-toc. The Holiday rush has officially started, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday in full swing (Should they still call it Cyber Monday if promotional emails start arriving in my Inbox as early as Saturday, though?)

Where will you find the perfect Christmas gifts for the francophile in your life? Not to worry. French Girl in Seattle has been busy hunting them down for you. Voilà her favorite gifts… with a French flavor. This year, if you can’t go to France, let France come to you.

For the gourmet cook who already has everything:

Le Creuset. An iconic French brand prized for its quality and fine craftsmanship. Le Creuset Dutch oven. Beautiful. Durable. Indestructible. And, of course, costly. Besides, it may be too heavy for old Santa’s bag. What to do? Shop for Le Creuset miniature gifts bien sûr! These would make ideal Christmas stockings.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven fridge magnet set:

Le Creuset fridge magnet set (They fit in the palm of your hand.)
Le Creuset fridge magnet set (They fit in the palm of your hand.)

Le Creuset Dutch Oven iPhone cover:


Le Creuset Dutch Oven candle:


For the French language student or the francophile:

How about a subscription to the wonderful (and recently re-vamped) France Magazine? Beautiful photos, in-depth articles, and a praise-worthy determination to explore France outside of Paris. Way of life, traditions, hotels, restaurants, and travel tips: This is La Belle France at its best!


Bien-Dire magazine is the perfect way to improve Intermediate and advanced French language skills. Order the magazine alone, or with the accompanying CD.


To learn more about France and other French-speaking countries while improving your comprehension skills, why not get a subscription to TV5 Monde, the official TV channel of the French-speaking world? Movies, talk shows, documentaries, and the same newscasts the French watch [religiously,] are available to you, with or without subtitles, via Cable TV, for $9.99 a month.


For the fan of French interiors: 

Who does not enjoy the mesmerizing glow of a delicately scented candle? This month, splurge on a beautiful Diptyque candle. Slow-burning, decorative, entirely hand-made. Favorite scents include: Feu de bois (Wood fire,) perfect if you don’t have a real fireplace at home; Baies (Berries,) a distinctive and elegant fragrance; Figuier (Fig tree,) light and delicate. You can sample the different scents at Nordstrom and other fine local retailers.

Dyptique candles

She was the young Austrian girl who ruled over France before meeting an untimely death during the French Revolution. Her life continues to inspire directors, writers, and modern-day women: Marie-Antoinette. Shop the exclusive boutique at le Château de Versailles for unique gifts with a historical flavor…

A best-seller: The Marie-Antoinette coffee mug


 Even more elegant, the Marie-Antoinette tea-cup. Porcelaine de Limoges. Made in France.


Travel in style, like a French queen, with the monogrammed Marie-Antoinette bag:


For the cinephile and music lover: 

On My Way is a French road movie that reminds audiences why Catherine Deneuve, with a career spanning over 50 years, remains the grande dame of French cinema. In this moving yet inspiring story, she shows incredible range and entertains audiences, once again.


Two talented actors and friends, (Lambert Wilson and Fabrice Luchini,) spar to get the lead role in an upcoming theater play; endangering their friendship; all the while clamoring their love of Molière and the French language, in this funny, literate comedy. Bicycling with Molière.


In the mood for some music? Lively, talented French singer Zaz puts her spin on traditional French songs with a team of iconic performers and producers, in her new album, PARIS.

Zaz Paris

And finally, for the traveler:

Not everyone can travel and put that passport to good use… but we can still pretend, and keep le voyage on our minds.

Everyone’s favorite specialty grocery store, Trader Joe‘s, offers a an appealing chocolate selection for the Holidays, the Chocolate Passport, available at a Trader Joe‘s near you, and here.

Trader Joes Chocolate passport2

TraderJoes Passport1

Evasion is always possible thanks to vintage advertising posters, available at

Coted'Azur Poster Paris Panam Poster

If you can’t fly to Paris and France this Christmas, the next best thing is to watch Rick Steves‘ brand-new TV series. The 2015-2016 DVD collection is on sale this weekend on Rick’s website. The episodes shot in France, France’s Loire: Château country, and Paris’ side trips, are excellent.

RickSteves Travel shows

You could also order a copy of Rick’s Paris 2015 book, his best-selling travel book to date. Thoroughly researched and meticulously updated, it will teach you everything you have ever wanted to know about the French capital, and more.

Rick Steves Paris

Et voilà. Christmas gifts, with a French twist. More resources to purchase French gifts online include:

The Frenchy Bee

My French Neighbor

– Quel Objet

Happy Holidays! Happy shopping!

A bientôt !

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  1. v you are killing me this was all about a little Merry Christmas to me-I just took my new Le Creuset dutch oven (red) out of the box today-it was a special deal on QVC a double oven mitt (creuset brand) and a Le Creuset cookbook – and NOW I WAS READING AND CLICKING ON YOUR SUGGESTIONS -Zaz’s cd is ordered only 3 in stock so hurry people-the duet with Monsieur Jacques Dutronc was the seal the deal moment Remember I was obsessed with him this time last year-well I have almost all of his cds-and the FRANCE magazine will be acquired by tomorrow -GOSH I am glad I am so darn easy to shop for….thanks for all the suggestions and additional places to shop ,on my way there now!! Have a wonderful week until next time-are your parents coming in this year?

    • Bonjour g. Great minds think alike! I, too, ordered the ZAZ Cd. I guess this means they only have 2 in stock now? 😉 You certainly got a fabulous Le Creuset deal on QVC. You have to snatch those when you see them. I hope your red Dutch Oven gives you much cooking pleasures over the years. My parents will not be coming to Seattle this year. Junior and I are off to a sunny locale for Christmas, and friends might join us there. What about you? Take care, g from Philadelphia.

  2. “Le Creuset” iPhone covers! Brilliant. The “diptyque” candles are magical, particularly the lavender scent (Diane Keyton’s favorite). Merci for the great gift ideas Veronque!

    • Yes Nadège: Le Creuset clearly has a great marketing team 😉 I am glad you, too, enjoy the Diptyque candles. I had no idea Diane Keaton liked the lavender-scented one. I have been burning my “Feu de Bois” candle the last two days. It smells so good that if I close my eyes, I can picture the fireplace I don’t have in the apartment! Incroyable. A bientôt Nadège.

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