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Wander with Véro: See Paris through the eyes of a native. Become a temporary local.

Making friends in Paris

Who I am

Véronique here, or, as my friends call me, Véro [Vay-Row]

Maybe you’ve known me for a while, as a travel blogger or a Facebook community manager. After all, French Girl in Seattle has been around for almost a decade!

If we’ve just met, let me introduce myself: I am a French Girl who’s lived and worked in France and in the United States for most of her adult life. After 23 years in Seattle, I relocated to France at the beginning of 2019 to be closer to my family. I am, once again, une Parisienne.

My passions have always been adult education and travel. For more than two decades, I have taught North Americans how to speak French, how to do business in France, and how to travel around my homeland, through classes, workshops, public speaking engagements, or via my blog and Facebook community.

What I do

Now that I am back in France, it only seemed logical to start showing people around Paris and the rest of the country and introduce them to la Belle France, its diversity, rich history, and culture. Et voilà! Wander with Vero Tours aims to do exactly that.

In 2019, I have led private tours and have worked as a tour guide and tour director for Rick Steves Europe. I have spent over 100 days with visitors around Paris and France; had countless adventures and experiences I have been thrilled to share with clients and my readers in social media.

They have wandered with Vero…

In their own words…

Veronique was outstanding. Her knowledge of the area was excellent, and she was very easy to talk with. She was excited about everything and that rubbed off on all of us travelers. We were lucky to have her as our guide. Dianne S.

Veronique was fantastic! She was a good listener and storyteller. I appreciate her narrative about her family history. Hearing about people’s everyday lives (as opposed to a recitation or linear account of history) gives more meaning and a better understanding of a country’s culture & history. Florence E

We are used to traveling Europe on our own via RV or car/hotel I plan. We decided to try a tour this time and Rick Steves is the only thing I’d consider. It was a fantastic choice. Veronique was an amazing tour director. The fact that she was born in France but spent many years in Seattle gave her the edge in handling a bunch of Americans in France. (…) She was just so friendly and personal. She made us feel like friends and not clients. Betsy C.

Bonjour Veronique. Thank you for everything!  I continue to have ‘Tears of Joy,’ whenever I think about our tour.  We are likely to do another Rick Steves tour because of you. Using an American sports metaphor, you hit a homerun and we were a part of it. I am sending three pictures so you won’t forget us and our trip together.  Our Best, Roger and Peggy (FGIS note: These photos were hilarious. One should always be careful to keep their mouths closed while fast asleep on a large coach, or face the consequences!)

Enough bragging. You get the point: I know my stuff; I work hard (yet make it all look easy;) I am friendly; I will show you France and a good time.

Noisette (macchiato) time at le café Louis Philippe, Paris

Welcome to Wander with Vero Tours!

Flâneries with a French friend

Why don’t you book my services for a custom private or small group tour in and around Paris? Flâner (strolling) on your own is great. Flâner with someone who knows her way around and can help you experience life like a local, is even more fun! I offer half day orientation tours around the French capital for first time visitors, explorations of historical (or my favorite) neighborhoods, visits to local outdoor markets, food tastings, and more.

What to expect? On Wander with Vero Tours, you will hear historical references, stories about the past and visit landmarks, but your feet will stay firmly planted in the present. We will focus on discovering and discussing authentic French (and Parisian) daily life and won’t shy away from debunking a stereotype or two along the way.

Parlons français!

You speak French? Félicitations! You’ve probably noticed many Parisians reply in English, defeating your attempts to practice in the language of Molière (my favorite playwright!) — How dare they?! Rejoice, you’ve got Vero, your B.F.F. (Best French Friend) in Paris. With me, you will explore the city AND converse en français in an un-intimidating, relaxed environment, in a café, at an outdoor market, or out in the street. So, Parlons français ! (All levels are welcome after an initial level assessment.) This is immersion at its best, with a friendly French coach to guide you along.

Wander with Vero Travel Consulting Services

There are great guidebooks out there, and so much information is available online today! Fantastic, but also overwhelming, n’est-ce-pas? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick a French native’s brain (who happens to be a local and an expert traveler) while planning your trip? I can help you make some of the decisions about trip logistics, route selection, packing, shopping and more.

Wander with Vero Travel Consulting Services are affordable and efficient: A couple of Skype conversations usually do the trick! I will answer any travel-related questions you may have and bring you peace of mind. Armed with the valuable information I provide, you will stay in control of your trip and move on to the next step: packing!

Vero, a colleague and American travelers in Chenonceau, Loire Valley. Doing the hard work so you don’t have to!

Le mot de la fin… Parting words…

Whether you need a friendly, experienced tour guide, someone you can practice your French with while exploring, whether you need help fine-tuning this fabulous trip you have been planning for so long, Wander with Vero is here! Interested? Please contact me and let’s chat. I am looking forward to introducing you to “my France.”

A bientôt,