How to Become Parisian in One Hour: The book (by Olivier Giraud)

You may have already seen his hilarious, all-in-English show in Paris: Stand-up comedian Oliver Giraud has now written the indispensable guide to teach you (with humor!) everything you have ever wanted to know about Parisians. It’s short, it’s funny, and comes with great illustrations: From stereotypes, to shopping, restaurant etiquette, les arrondissements, apartment-hunting and more, Giraud covers a lot of ground in this entertaining and affordable book. Not all French-themed gifts are created equal. How to Become Parisian in One Hour is sure to be a hit with your francophile friends! (The book ships from France in less than a week.) I have been reading my copy in the Paris Métro all week and love it. Thumbs up!

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