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Speaking French with Véro: Personality. Passion. A French perspective

Not all those who can do, can teach…

You may know me as a long-time online community manager or a virtual tour guide. Did you know I was also an experienced adult educator?

Et oui! Before I led tours around Paris and France, I used to lead French classes. I ran my own business as a cross-cultural trainer and French language instructor in Seattle for more than 15 years! Later, I grew a loyal following instructing France travel workshops and teaching North American adults how to master Travel French!

The truth is, many pursuits I have been involved in over the last two decades, have involved teaching, or training. C’est logique. It makes sense: I love teaching, and I am good at it!

Studious vibes at my Seattle French teaching studio

Speak French with Véro : online French lessons

Warning: These are not your standard, structured French lessons, yet they will complement those nicely if you want extra exposure to the French language. Think of them as a fun, informal bootcamp with a French native to supplement your learning.

1. Join a small online group of up to 8 students and anticipate lively interactions in a safe, relaxed, friendly environment.
2. Focus on developing your French communication and pronunciation skills. The goal is for you to interact confidently and successfully while in France. Sessions are run almost entirely in French.
3. Culture and language are inseparable: Immerse yourself in French history, culture, or modern French life with authentic materials, including ads, videos, photos, songs, press articles and more.

In short: We may not spend hours studying or discussing the subjunctive mood or spelling rules. Yet you will practice listening, speaking, and reading in French, and gradually express yourself with more confidence.

Learning about contemporary French culture with authentic materials

Nuts and bolts

1. We offer two levels of online French lessons for small groups: Intermediate (CEFR A2 to B1) and (more) Advanced (CEFR B2.) Please note if you have never studied French before (CEFR A1,) or if you are proficient (CEFR C2,) these classes may not be the right fit for you.

2. Students sign up for 4 classes over 4 weeks (1.5 hours per week, 6 hours total.) Cost per participant, for 6 hours of tuition: $220. 4-week packages are payable in full, 7 days before the start of the first class. We need a minimum of 4 students to run a class. I am sorry there will be no refunds and no make-up classes (all classes are recorded and available in replay mode.)

3. We welcome 6 to 8 students per group. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me and let me know your level (online level test available.) I will return to you shortly with additional details, and a few questions about your goals and interests.

4. Please note currently registered students and France with Véro Patrons receive priority registration. Look up more benefits linked to a Patreon membership, here.

🇫🇷 Online French lessons: Fall 2021 🇫🇷

Intermediate Level (A2 to B1)

Status: Bootcamp runs from Thursday November 11 through Thursday December 2 – Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm CEST (9:00 am PDT – 12:00pm EDT) – Space available. Contact us to take the placement test.

(More) Advanced Level (B2 level) – Group 1

Status: Bootcamp runs from Wednesday November 10 through Wednesday December 1 – Time: 5:00pm – 6:30pm CEST (8:00am PDT – 11:00am EDT) – Space available. Contact us to take the placement test.

(More) Advanced Level (B2 level) – Group 2

Status: Bootcamp runs from Wednesday November 10 through Wednesday December 1 – Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm CEST (10:00am PDT – 1:30pm EDT) – Space available. Contact us to take the placement test.

Students say it best:

Advanced Bootcamp with Vero was a fun, educational, and worthwhile experience.  (…) The class was always interesting and included aspects of French history and culture that I was not familiar with.  Photography, music, poems, and video clips were all mediums Vero used to engage us…. and she did!   Vero incorporated practical exercises and information that most people who were not French, or well advanced in knowledge of French culture, would be unlikely to know. Additionally, she was able to correct our mistakes and offer alternative ways of phrasing content.  We received, by email, each week the focus of each week’s lesson accompanied by questions.  This helped us prepare for the class in advance and helped encourage participation from everyone.  The 90 minutes seemed to fly by each week.   Friendly and good-humored classmates. I recommend it highly! ”  (Rosalie, Advanced Bootcamp)

I learn so much about French life, customs, places, history and culture, all while practicing my French skills. We laugh a lot. Véro’s classes are the best! ❤️ ” (Cathy, Intermediate Bootcamp)

I was part of the inaugural bootcamp class of April 2020 and was fortunate to continue for 14 months. I still keep in touch with many of the fun students I’ve met through Véro, and I think we all can agree that she provides a unique perspective on French life that you just can’t get anywhere else. From history, to food, song, culture, heritage and interesting background on daily French life experiences, our discussions en français with Véro enabled us to put on a different hat and see France more like a French person does. Those efforts at understanding will enrich all my future trips to l’Hexagone and, more importantly, interactions with the people I meet.” (Bob, Advanced Bootcamp.)

Véro’s boot camp is a pleasure—with lively companions, interesting subject matter, and of course, an excellent teacher, a ‘professor’ of French culture.
Each week some video, photos or text to look over and think about ahead of time. No ‘boot camp’ suffering, instead an enjoyable, stimulating time together, getting our minds and tongues around the French language in a fun, supportive environment.
(Lois, Advanced Bootcamp)

🇫🇷 French for the Traveler workshop 🇫🇷

This 4-week workshop is perfect if:

– You have thought about learning French for a long time but aren’t sure it’s for you.
– You are keeping the travel dream alive: Next time you arrive in France you *will* be able to interact with locals in elementary travel French!
– You don’t necessarily intend to learn French but want to be able to manage in most travel situations, or you are an armchair traveler who wants to keep learning about France in a friendly environment.

Like our other French bootcamps, French for the Traveler is not a traditional French language class (It may supplement nicely a beginner-level French class.) Unlike our other “French bootcamps,” instruction is delivered in French and in English (cultural information applicable to travel situations.) Best fit: CEFR A1 level (You are a true beginner and have had very little to no French instruction.)

French for the Traveler (4 classes) covers the basics: Introduction to French pronunciation, essential French expressions in travel situations, greetings, asking and answering basic questions, ordering French food, making reservations (hotels, restaurants,) and more. We need 5 students minimum to run the workshop. Maximum enrollment: 10.


No session scheduled this fall so far. Email us for more information.

Tuition: $220 (includes all handouts and 4 classes with Véro) We are sorry we can’t offer make-up sessions or refunds for missed classes. We provide a replay after each class.

Participants say it best:

This survival French for the Traveler workshop was just what I wanted and needed. I loved the small class size where I felt comfortable blundering my pronunciations and laughing at myself. The class included cultural expectations as well as language skills and emphasized the use of ‘Bonjour!’ when entering shops, boulangeries, etc. and two other important words/phrases. Short-cuts were discussed allowing the traveler to use smaller phrases, hand gestures and sometimes just one word to communicate effectively. Essential for the traveler is conduct and ordering in a restaurant. Menus and their structures were reviewed and confusing terms like ‘entrée’ and appetizer were discussed as well as the key words in a description of a specific dish and also how to save money on wine and water for the table. I am looking forward to a French for the Traveler 2 workshop!” (Jan)

Adding to the praise for Véro’s teaching: I just completed ‘French for the Traveler’ ~ a wonderful experience which was taught with humor and patience and knowledge of what is essential to know and the ability to communicate. I am hoping to join the next session (French for the Traveler 2) in the fall!” (Deborah)

Merci et à bientôt.

Chez Luc, Seattle: French Studio group (2009)
Lynn’s Bistro, Kirkland, WA: French Studio group (2019)
Taking American travelers to France virtually… before becoming a tour guide!

For more student feedback, please visit my Linkedin page under “Recommendations.” Merci!