La Boutique

Bienvenue! Here’s the place to find French-themed, affordable, quality products… with a French flair. How does it work? I act as your personal shopper and find products on well-known websites you already use (Amazon, or Etsy to name just a couple.) As such, I get rewarded with a small commission on everything you buy. This is enough to finance a few of my beloved noisettes (macchiatos) I enjoy en terrasse in Paris throughout the month. The commission does not affect the price you pay. Suppliers will ship products directly to you, as they always do.

Dans ma boutique, things are organized, but just so. Le Lèche-vitrine (browsing) is key! You may need to take a second look to make sure you see everything. To guide you during your visit, there are four categories to shop from, highlighted in blue. Make sure to click on each link so you don’t miss out (some categories are several pages long:)

French home essentials: You may not live in France, but if you did, it is likely you would own some of these.

My favorite books, posters and cards: I would not be French if I did not love la papèterie (stationery.) Yes, I still send hand-written notes and postcards. I will always choose paper over screens. Call me old-fashioned.

To make your French heart smile: You may not absolutely need these, but once you see them, you will want them (and that’s ok.) Warning: This *may* be a Paris-centric selection. Not that you will complain, n’est-ce-pas?

Travel essentials: The title says it all. Whether you travel once in a while, or on a regular basis, many products in this selection will come in handy. I know, because I own and use a lot of them myself. Many have come in handy as I traveled around France as a tour director this year! Who said travel gear has to be boring? My favorites are both attractive, well-priced and practical. If you have wondered what my travel bags, shoes, or accessories were, you will find (some) answers here.

One last note: I have been blogging and sharing information about France and French culture on this website and on Facebook and Instagram for many years, in my free time, and for free. I need your support to keep this project going. If you need gifts, please consider shopping here. Even if you don’t, kindly share this link with as many friends, in real life, or online, as you can! Thank you for continuing to support French Girl in Seattle as she “Takes France!”

Merci, et à bientôt. Véronique