Under the Paris spell



The Holidays are here. Busy time of year. I was sorting through old photos this weekend, looking for inspiration for the traditional Christmas card. I fell into the rabbit hole when I opened some old folders and found images of travels past.

What is it about Paris? I slowed down, and started looking at the photos. Memories flooded back. I smiled. Once again, under the Paris spell. I thought these photos may remind you of special moments you spent in Paris, too.

My nephew, Jules, two summers ago.

Jules et la Fontaine Wallace, Rueil Malmaison
La marchande de glaces
La marchande de glaces, Parc du Bois Préau, Rueil Malmaison

La Seine…

Mighty Seine
Je ne sais pas pourquoi on s’aime comme ça, la Seine et moi,” (La Seine)

Benches, café tables, so inviting…

Les Tuileries
Les Tuileries
Jardin de Bagatelle
Jardins de Bagatelle
Somewhere in Le Marais
Somewhere in Le Marais

My old office window by the Seine river,
and the iconic terrace where I celebrated many birthdays and special occasions.

La Seine, Rueil Malmaison
La Seine, Rueil Malmaison
Maison Fournaise, Presqu’île de Châtou


The people of Paris…

Madame et ses chiens
Madame et ses chiens
Le monsieur à la fenêtre
Photo shoot au Louvre
Au Louvre


Remembering a memorable ride in a bouncy Deuche (2CV) with Junior…



Place de la Concorde
Place de la Concorde


Riding the big Ferris Wheel in the Tuileries gardens on a sunny day…

Les Tuileries, the Parisians' favorite playground
Les Tuileries, the Parisians’ favorite playground
A seat with a view
A seat with a view


Taking many leisurely strolls  and getting lost in surprising, charming Paris…

Peace in the big city, somewhere on the Left Bank
Making the most of outdoor space
Making the most of outdoor space


Lèche-vitrine, shopping, dreaming…

the art of French window licking
the art of French “window-licking”
Chez le fleuriste
Chez le fleuriste
Best candles in the world...
Most fragrant candles in the world…


A ta santé, Paris! Merci… for 35 years of good times and memories!




A bientôt.

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