A window with a Parisian view

When I moved back to Paris after two decades in the United States, I did not anticipate I would get this lucky in the {Parisian} view department. Those of you who follow the French Girl in Seattle… Takes France blog (or read my daily updates on Facebook,) have already been introduced to my diminutive abode under Parisian rooftops. I have nicknamed the studio “the 7th Heaven” because it is located on the 7th and last floor of a 1930s building… My readers comment frequently they would love to wake up to this view every day. Well, now, you can! Thanks to talented Swedish artist and Paris-based expat Lina Nordin Gee, here’s the 7th Heaven (my kitchen window view to be precise) in all of its glory. Several sizes are available. Bienvenue to the “7th Heaven!” Bienvenue chez moi. – French Girl in Seattle

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