royal wedding in Saint Jean de Luz church view

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  • Amazing! You have me in lala land with all this cool history. And le bateau hanging ? soooo awesome!! I love the smell of those churches…calms my nerves every time. Bonne journée V!! 🙂

  • Merci beaucoup for introducing me to this beautiful cathedrale! So lovely! I also enjoyed the gorgeous stroll in Saint Jean du Luz yesterday!! The beach looked so inviting! I enjoy spending my weekends in France with you!!

  • Magnificent cathedral! Loved this blog post. I had to look up more history of this famous couple. Marie sounds quite sweet and a devoted mother. Merci Véro!

  • Wonderful ! I thoroughly enjoyed the history and views, of course. Escaping with yo to France is always a pleasure.

  • Merci Véro.
    What a fascinating account of the wedding of Louis IV and Princess Eugenia!
    I appreciate all the research you undertake for all your historical postings plus pictures and videos. I look forward to seeing where you will be traveling next!
    Marrie ?❤️

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