shopping in Bordeaux Grosse Cloche

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  • Bonjour V. Worked great! I want one of those 2CV model cars. Is that part of the deal? Lol I think I told you, my mom had one in Toulouse when we were kids. Hers was super springy lol Have a great day! P.S. I can’t believe how techie you have become!! sandy

  • I had no trouble either. I had to click something extra (for you to let me in) but it was instantaneous.
    I love the shops.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  • Love shopping in the small shops. Got in without a problem. La Rue St. James is deffinately on my list now!

    • I really liked the small neighborhood shopping. My ah-ha moment for French kitchen goods was the French pavilion at Epcot long ago. I’ve been hooked since?

  • Happy to open the secret door to find this wonderful stroll through the shops of La Rue Saint James! Enjoyed your window licking!

  • Happily, no problem opening this blog post. The boutiques caught my shopper’s eye during the walk on lovely rue Saint James, and so very fun to see them in more detail. Merci beaucoup! Think this would be a favorite street in Bordeaux!

  • Fun to read! Thank you! I always enjoy the kitchen shops in Paris. Their aprons have made great gifts for my friends who enjoy cooking.

  • Yep, got in easily through Patreon! Great post! I love leching the vitrines ?when we are in France and elsewhere in Europe. So fun to see what other countries sell and it’s a peek into other cultures!

  • Hmmm, seems I can no longer read just by subscribing to la mailing list…
    I have to be a Patreon member? But I’m already here in France. Would like to read selectively but the things about culture and tours are not for me at this time. ???

    • Bonjour Sara. Thank you for subscribing to la Mailing List. This remains the best way to hear about new blogposts and receive the monthly newsletter I started publishing a few months ago. You must have received the latest issue, I emailed on Saturday. It introduces a new blogpost “By the Seine, la Vie est Belle” I hope you enjoyed it. Going forward, I plan to continue writing public posts on the FGIS blog, (as I have for almost 10 years.) I will also be sharing now and then exclusive stories for Patrons, or, as I prefer to call them, Club Members, who support my online business. This is one of the rewards they receive when joining me on Patreon. Not to worry, there will be more stories about France and French culture over the next few months that you will be able to access as long as they are public posts. A bientôt.

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