Travel Preparation

An experienced traveler, French native Véronique shares travel tips and news about France and the French culture on her blog, French Girl in Seattle, and in daily updates on the French Girl in Seattle Facebook page. Do not plan your next trip to France without signing up for our updates first! To stay in the {French} loop, join the blog’s Mailing List; or “Like” our Facebook page.

Bon voyage – whether you actually booked that flight to Paris; or prefer to travel to la Belle France vicariously (for now.) 

2016 update: 

Even if our France travel workshops (listed below) are not currently available, you can still hire Veronique to help you plan your next trip to France. Looking for travel or cultural tips? We can help! Send us an email. 

When in France, don’t be just another tourist

  • Feel comfortable ordering in restaurants, navigating public transportation, or asking for directions,
  • Prepare for medical emergencies, or to travel with children,
  • Discover life in Paris after the Eiffel Tower and the Mona Lisa,
  • Get insider tips that only a French native can share.
    Preparing for your trip will save you time and money, and make for a more pleasant travel experience. Veronique is an experienced traveler. She knows France and goes back every year.

Travel Preparation Workshops

Learn basic travel French and get valuable insights into local customs with our fun, informative travel workshops.

  • Our travel workshops are conveniently held at local community colleges that offer competitive prices and the flexibility of online registration,
  • Our programs are designed with working adults in mind: They are fast-paced, practical, and are held on Saturdays,
  • Participants go home with valuable resources to help them remember it all and prepare for their upcoming trip.

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do – Workshop
Prepare for your next vacation in the City of Light.
Topics presented include: Paris history, overview of the 20 “Arrondissements” (districts,) “Rive Droite” or “Rive Gauche,” best time to visit, what to pack and to wear, choosing hotels and restaurants, money matters, specialty shopping, getting around on foot, by car or subway. You will receive valuable travel and cultural tips to help you “blend in,” as well as an extensive list of resources (books, travel guides, and websites). Please bring your favorite Paris map for easier orientation.

No classes currently scheduled.

Survival French for the Traveler — Workshop
Planning a trip to France?
This fast-paced class prepares you for almost anything French and focuses on pronunciation basics and essential travel expressions. Learn greetings; read a French menu and order food; ask the hotel receptionist for help; discuss sizes and prices with a salesperson… At the end of this session, you will feel more confident speaking French and interacting with the locals.

No classes currently scheduled. 

Experience French Culture: Essential Travel Strategies— Workshop
Prepare for your next trip to La Belle France
France has been the world’s most visited travel destination for the last 35 years. So why do the French get such a bad rap in the media as unwelcoming to tourists? In this fun and interactive class, French native Veronique Savoye covers stereotypes, greetings, dining and shopping etiquette, emergencies, the five essential French expressions that will open most doors, and more. Do not go to la Belle France without hearing these indispensable cultural and travel tips first! 

No classes currently scheduled.